The State of the Pacific

Because I happen to have some free time, I decided to take a look at the Pacific division, home of the warriors.(I know its a little bit early, but as stated i got free time)

A few fun facts to start it off

As of now the Pacific is the only division with all teams with at least .500 winning percentage, but the average is only .560

The last place team in the Pacific (three way tie) would be in first place in the Atlantic, second in the Southeast, and third in the Central (ahhh to be in the east).

Now lets take a look at each of the teams

L.A. Clippers - 8-8
Surprise team of last year, rising up from the basement of the NBA to  make the second round of the playoffs, take hope Warriors fans it can be done!  Ill be honest I think everyone thought the Clippers are better than they were last year, and the same thing happened this year.  They don't look very good this year, but they are still a .500 team.  Whats their problem this year as opposed to last?  Im gonna say age, their starting back court  averages 34 years.  Experience is good, but Mobley and Cassel are on the down swing of their careers.  However both of them can still score, especially in the clutch.  This gives them a chance to win, because Elton Brand will keep them in games long enough for Sam I Am to drop a few clutch buckets.

Playoffs? If they keep playing the way they do, no.  If they can pick up some energy between now and the all star break its possible.

Sacramento Kings - 8-8
One of the least athletic team in the league(with the exception of Kevin Martin and Ronnie Price).  They still have a nice team going for them, Bibby can knock down the long ball, Ron Artest does a lot of things well and tries to do everything with varying success.  Their frontline is solid, but they need an athletic forward to help with rebounding and defense.  If Bibby and Artest can bump up their field goal percentage, and someone starts rebounding strongly the Kings will definitely be an over .500 team.  And just to note, the Kings were 8-5 before they lost 3 straight to San Antonio, Dallas, and Orlando.  Kevin Martin has been on a ridiculous run, and Brad Miller is returning from an injury that kept him out of the first few games.  Sac has a good chance of sneaking into the playoffs, assuming that Bibby/Artest/Martin stay healthy.

Phoenix Suns - 9-6
After a nasty 1-4 start PHX righted the course by going 8-2, including a still active 6 game win streak.  Steve Nash is playing the same as always, dishing the ball to anyone who can shoot or dunk it, and still managing to score.  Nash is the only player in the league to average a double double with pts and assists.  Shawn Marion is still putting up numbers in almost every category.  And Amare is well on his way back, he isnt there yet, but each game he gets a little nastier with the dunks.  Phoenix has a hole at shooting guard in my opinion though. Raja Bell has been hot lately, but  I dont think he can keep it up, and they have no shooting guard to sub in for him.  I can only imagine what this team would be like if Joe Johnson had stuck around.  They are a playoff team for sure, barring major injuries to Nash.  Id hold off on the finals though, they need just a few more tweaks to get up to the elite level (only 4-4 against teams over .500)

L.A. Lakers - 12-5
We call them the fakers, we hate them, we trash talk them whenever we can.  This far into the season, they have not been faking.  They win with Kobe, they win without Kobe.  I dont think they will keep up the current pace, but they are better than last year for sure.  Chris Mihm still has yet to play a game, and he was a decent pivot.  Lamar Odom has settled in and is putting up numbers.  Andrew Bynum and Kwame Brown and playing better.  Most convincingly, they crushed the Jazz.  As much  as I hate to admit it the Lakers are for real this year.  They are gonna make the playoffs

Our very own Golden State Warriors 9-9
I'm not gonna talk to the most knowledgeable community about what our team is like cause we already know it.  I think our season depends on JR recovering.  If hes back, playoffs, if we keep playing like we are right now, our old friend the draft lottery is waiting for us.

In summary, I think every team out of the Pacific could make the playoffs, but it probably wont happen.  The Clippers needs to find themselves, a problem the warriors share.  Injuries are the biggest threat to the other teams.  Now if the warriors were in the Atlantic Division......

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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