2005-2006 REPORT CARD: Chris Mullin & Rod Higgins

It's that time of year again. With the end of the basketball season, it's time to hand out some grades. It's your annual Golden State of Mind baller report cards. We filled out report cards for each player based on an A-F range, just like in school. Who flunked, barely passed, or graduated with flying colors?

Next up...Chris Mullin and Rod Higgins

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Just for fun: RUN TMC! (Courtesy of: Mixmakers.net)

Overall Grade: D

Atma Brother #1 (Grade: D)
Take your pick of mistakes: Firing a one time coach of the year candidate Eric Musselman and hiring Stanford coach Mike Montgomery even though college coaches rarely pan out in the NBA, exacerbating Gary St. Jean's terrible draft decisions by dishing out ludicrous contract extensions (Adonal Foyle and Mike Dunleavy), overpaying a lower tier free agent that doesn't fit (Derek Fisher), drafting a player rawer than sushi (Andris Biendrins), trying to run a farm system instead of an NBA team (Biedrins, Ike, Monta, Dunleavy, Pietrus, Taft, and Zarko), keeping most of the roster in constant fear of being traded to Indiana in a package for Ron Artest, letting the largest trade exception in the league expire with nothing to show for it, sitting back and watching division rival Sacramento Kings get stronger (Ron Artest + Eric Musselman= 2nd round of playoffs or bust), standing pat during last February's trade deadline, or assembling the least athletic and Charmin' soft starting front court in the league (Mike Dunleavy, Troy Murphy, Adonal Foyle).  Sure those are bad, but the worst has to be removing the Thunder logo from center court. The nerve!

Fantasy Junkie (Grade: D)
This past year, the player management was horrendous. The big contract for Dunleavy and not making any moves at the trade deadline were two mistakes. Here are the positives: drafting Monta. Yep that's it. The jury is still out on Diogu. Hopefully this offseason things get shaken up. Mully's got one more year to make this team right. He's got pieces that can be moved. He needs to get the team to play together and play their roles.

Hash (Grade: D)
I like Ike. I like Monta. I like Boom Dizzle. I did NOT like the lack of effort we put into getting Artest. I did NOT like Monty and his inability to make moves that were best for the win. And I did NOT like the 44 million dollar extension that we gave Dun, essentially outbidding ourselves to keep a player that has not proven himself. I really expect some serious moves this off-season. Not making the playoffs for 13 years in a row is almost mathematically impossible. Almost...

YaoButtaMing (Grade: D-)
Love all the changes, bringing in Baron and a couple others. Drafting Ellis was nice but you made some huge contract mistakes with players who probably won't even start next year!

What's your grade for Chris and Rod?

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