OPEN THREAD: NFL Week 3 - Picks and Posts

The Week 2 results for the San Francisco 49ers and Oakland Raiders were on opposite ends of the spectrum. The 49ers looked great in a 20-13 win over the Rams. The suddenly ?potent? Alex Smith to Antonio Bryant connection, Gore toting the rock, and the defense all played big roles in the W. This week will be a real test for Niners as the Philadelphia Eagles come into town. As far as the Raiders, let?s just say I?m glad I?m not a Raider fan. In fact, I can?t stand the Raiders, I actually enjoyed their 28-6 loss. But I don?t need to rub in the fact that they?ve scored 0 touchdowns or that Art Shell and his staff should be fired this week. Just look at the bright side Raider fans, you can?t lose this week, you?re on a bye.

Week 3 rankings and results:
JRichIsAGod: 14-2
reppin the bay: 13-1
Chimp: 12-4
DividedByZero: 12-4
YaoButtaMing: 11-5
Zorgon: 11-5
DaAzNJRiCh: 11-5
Atma Brother ONE: 10-6
djchuckdeez: 10-6
joe sez: 9-7
R-Dizzle: 9-7
Fantasy Junkie: BYE

Wow, nice picking everyone. JRichIsAGod and reppin the bay went crazy with their picks. This is a new week, so onto the picks.

Bank on this going down:

BYES: Kansas City (0-2), Dallas (1-1), San Diego (2-0), Oakland (0-2)

Week 2 Matchup  
New York Jets (1-1) @
Buffalo (1-1)
Which sorry team will go 2-1?
Green Bay (0-2) @
Detroit (0-2)
Crappy defenses could mean big offensive numbers.
Jacksonville (2-0) @
Indianapolis (2-0)
Best game of the week, period.
Tennessee (0-2) @
Battle of the Titans!
Chicago (2-0) @
Minnesota (2-0)
Let me get this straight, Minnesota is 2-0? This will be a reality check.
Cincinnati (2-0) @
Pittsburgh (1-1)
Big Ben and the Pittsburgh offense will need to do a lot more than their MNF showing against JAX.
Carolina (0-2) @
Tampa Bay (0-2)
This is definitely not how I thought these two teams would start out.
Washington (0-2) @
Houston (0-2)
The only reason to watch: Clinton Portis
Baltimore (2-0) @
Cleveland (0-2)
Jamal Lewis owns Cleveland.
St. Louis (1-1) @
Arizona (1-1)
Let's see, Cardinals beat the Niners, Niners beat the Rams, so...
NY Giants (2-0) @
Seattle (2-0)
Seattle is nasty at home. Good luck Eli.
Denver (1-1) @
New England (2-0)
Jake the Snake looks like the Arizona Cardinals version. New England is 2-0 but they really miss Branch.
Atlanta (2-0) @
New Orleans (2-0)
Saints first home game since Katrina. Should be an emotional Monday night.



Raiders are out this week. Heck they might as well have been on a bye the previous 2 weeks. The Niners are playing a real team this time in Philly who's coming off a heartbreaking loss against the Giants.

Golden State of Football
Philadelphia (1-1) @
San Francisco (1-1)
Niners looking to take down a real team this time.

What are your predictions for the 3rd week of NFL action?
Make sure to post your predictions in the comments section and vote on the Niner game before kickoff Sunday at 10am.

Copy and paste this into the comments with your picks filled in:

Team 1 @ Team 2: Prediction
NY Jets @ Buffalo:
Green Bay @ Detroit:
Jacksonville @ Indianapolis:
Tennessee @ Miami:
Chicago @ Minnesota:
Cincinnati @ Pittsburgh:
Carolina @ Tampa Bay:
Washington @ Houston:
Baltimore @ Cleveland:
St. Louis @ Arizona:
NY Giants @ Seattle:
Denver @ New England:
Atlanta @ New Orleans:
Philadelphia @ San Francisco:

Just like we do in the regular season for Warrior games: If you're watching or listening to the NFL games and are near a computer, this is the spot to showcase your knowledge and post your thoughts.

Whoever picks the most Week 3 winners will get some serious GSoM fame in Week 3's Picks & Posts. It could be you! If we get enough comments, we can also do a NFL Week 3 quote of the week. It could be you! Pick & post.


GSoM NFL YouTube Clip of the Week:

We love Jerry Rice.

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