Warriors-Hornets Recap!

Whew, what an amazing game. I really didn't notice the missed freethrows, or the bad 3s, I just noticed a couple bad possessions coupled with Horents scoring giving the illusion of a run.

My game experience was fun, but bad. The person who took my ticket was all angry, and I shouted really loud. Everybody would get angry at me shouting brick whenever the Hornets shot a Freethrow, and they really thought that I made them miss a few. About 20 various people told me to shutup during the game, and when I did a spin dance during that Buzzer-Beating Baron 3, they told me to sit down. I also had a spitwad and a stuffed football thrown at me.

I didn't notice any "Xena", MVP. And I was getting stuff thrown at me myself, so me throwing stuff.....would probobly of started a fight.

Since there was no comments...I'll assume noone saw me on TV :(. I'm probobly just not very camera friendly. Two other Warriors fans were on the Arena camera, one of which was tall bald guy in Orange Pietrus jersey again, and a woman with a white Hornets T-Shirt on. I met a guy with this long Ponytail and a Warriors shirt, he was pretty cool. And there was this African-American guy in one of those stupid striped shirts who cheered for the Warriors. It's the most I've ever seen.

The Warriors are becoming Popular: Here's a Chart

April 5th, 2006- 1 Warriors Fan (me)
November 2nd, 2006- About 5 Warriors Fans
January 2nd, 2007- About 20 Warriors Fans

Jumping on the bandwagon, anyone?

My "Season Ticket Holder Representative" told me he had Season Tickets to the Warriors when they had Run-TMC. Then when they started sucking, he dropped his Warriors tickets and went to Kings games. What a loser.

Approx. # of fans at Spurs Games- About 1000

Still got a ways to go. :/

Azubuike was great today. It seemed like everybody was just hesitant to pass it to him, even when wide open. Barnes is my Warrior Wonder today. He was on FIRE, and a few people said, "Isn't he supposed to be not that good?" I replied, "He's not SUPPOSED to...." Props to Ellis for traveling with the team. And Props to Baron for playing all 48 minutes! Jeez that guys gotta be sore right now.

15-6 for Marc "Unstoppable, Baby!" Jackson. Close enough. Jannero Pargo got hot tonight, and so did Rasual Butler. You know, 1 out of every 5 games Butler can do as well as Peja. Otherwise, no. Mason has highlight reel dunks/layups like that EVERY game, so nothing special there.

Devin Brown got the 6th man of the game with 2 points and 6 rebounds. It was HILARIOUS.

When the Warriors got up by 10 with about 1:30 to go, I thought "Here's my chance!" And so I said, "Me Want Foy-le!" Ike Diogu noticed and pointed it out to Foyle, who shook his head and laughed. He shook his head and laughed!

If you want to know anything else that I might not be remembering, ask in the comments. Sorry about no pictures, but I'm tired.

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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