GSoF: Week 4 Recap and Week 5 Picks

Week 4 - The Good and The Ugly

The Good

Daunte is the man! I told you! 5 TDs in his first starting game for the Raiders? Are you kidding me? Of course masked behind his TDs are his passing numbers - 5/12 for 75 yards. These numbers will go up in due time once he familiarizes himself with the offense, but a W is a W! Justin Fargas filled in for the injured LaMont Jordan wonderfully and it seems that Kiffin has a good grasp on the running game. The Raiders have already tied their amount on wins for the season and I assure you they can hit that 8-8 mark! Look for more of Daunte's inferno!

#1 Baby!!

The Ugly

I don't even wanna talk about the 49ers this week - at least, my man Fooch from Niners Nation has some faith.

eddie925 gets the money for the week for going 9-5 for receiving the highest Ballhype score within the GSoM Community for the Week 4 NFL picks! Eddie925- hit us up through e-mail to claim your Baron Davis poster with the e-mail address that you registered with at Ball Hype/ GSoM. Bad week for me y'all - 6 and 8.

Hit up my Week 5 Predictions after the click!


Week 5 Matchups  
Browns (2-2) @
Patriots (4-0)
Browns are looking half decent, but nothing's about to stop the Patriots now!
Jets (1-3) @
Giants (2-2)
Battle of New York - I'm going with the bigger team.
Jaguars (2-1) @
Chiefs (2-2)
The Jags are coming off a bye week and the Chiefs are coming off a win. Time for Maurice Jones-Drew to finally do something?
Falcons (1-3) @
Titans (2-1)
When's the Madden Curse going to kick in?
Seahawks (3-1) @
Pittsburgh (3-1)
Rematch of Superbowl XL! The Steelers are coming off a terrible loss to the Cardinals which should give them the fire to win this one.
Carolina (2-2) @
Saints (0-3)
Can the Saints turn around their season or are they going to end with a top 5 pick?
Cardinals (2-2) @
Rams (0-4)
Things are looking U-G-L-Y for the Rams this season... so bad they had to pull in Gus Frerotte! I hope the Cardinals don't win, but that's hoping for a lot.
Lions (3-1) @
Redskins (2-1)
Kitna just MIGHT get his 10 wins this season and secure a wild card spot for the Lions. Who woulda thunk it?
Miami (0-4) @
Texans (2-2)
Andre Johnson's coming back! Rejoice in another loss for the Dolphins!
Buccanneers (3-1) @
Colts (4-0)
I got faith in Jeff! Garlic power baby!
Chargers (1-3) @
Broncos (2-2)
Bears (1-3) @
Packers (4-0)
What's up with this Brett Favre business? He's looking like he did 5 years ago!
Cowboys (4-0) @
Bills (1-3)
This game is a prime example of WHY the Cowboys are 4-0... they have an EASY schedule.

Some Tony.psd flavor in ya ear!


Golden State of Football
Ravens (2-2) @
49ers (2-2)
As if our offense couldn't get any worse - Alex Smith took a hard hit last week and separated his shoulder. Now our starting QB is out for at least 2 weeks and all we have is Trent Dilfer to replace him. Don't give me that "Dilfer won a Super Bowl" crap either - he's not about to produce any wins with the 49ers. Put Arnaz Battle or Michael Robinson - what's the worst that could happen?

By the way, why was Trent even throwing last game? What happened to just running with Frank Gore?

Teams with Byes - Eagles, Vikings, Bengals, Raiders

Any thoughts about the state of the 49ers? What do you think about Daunte and his 5 TDs?

Hit up Ballhype and throw down your predictions!.

Remember to hit up your comments about this week's games.

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