2007-2008 NBA Blog Previews: Northwest Division

Progress! I can now count the days until the the 2007-2008 NBA Season without using my thumbs! It's time for a little Northwest Division madness in the 2nd annual NBA Blog Previews.

The West has become a conference of the have's and have nots. The upper echelon of teams are really, really, really good and the rest are either mediocre or have dreams of being mediocre. Even though the Northwest Division isn't as stacked as it could've been had Greg Oden not suffered from that knee injury, Kevin McHale not made his last move as a Celtic hooking them up with KG, and the Sonics not practiced some serious age discrimination, I still see it as the NBA's Have division.

  • Utah Jazz- Have: Terrible fans.
  • Denver Nuggets- Have: Talent at every position.
  • Portland Trailblazers- Have: To wait a year or two before they get a very good team.
  • Minnesota Timberwolves- Have: A need for a real GM.
  • Seattle SuperSonics- Have: Two young ballas with some crazy skills.

You HAVE to check out these Northwest division previews from this great collection of hoops bloggers including the Jazz ones:

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Daily Basketball
Taking it to the Rack
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Seattle Supersonics
Sonics Central
Portland Trail Blazers
The Inferno
TWolves Blog
Denver Nuggets
Nugg Doctor
Blog Previews Archives
CelticsBlog NBA Section

Thanks to Jeff Clark of the mighty CelticsBlog for organizing the blogger previews.

Here's how the Northwest Division will go down:

  1. Denver Nuggets- I can't wait to see this squad take the court- AI, Melo, Camby, KMart, Nene, Najera, and Stacey Augmon. Wait a second- the Plastic Man? Major props to the 16 year vet for staying in amazing shape. He's the anti-Jerome James.
  2. Utah Jazz- Those loser fans don't deserve this solid team. The Jazz are one good SG away from being in the same discussion at the Mavs, Spurs, and Suns.
  3. Portland Trailblazers- 2-3 years from now they're going to look at Oden's injury as a blessing for the great lottery pick they're about to get.
  4. Seattle SuperSonics- At least with Kevin Durant and Jeff Green they'll be entertaining. I would've liked to see them keep Ray-Ray as a mentor for Durant.
  5. Minnesota Timberwolves- The word around NBA circles is that the Timbersmurf's "braintrust" Kevin McHale thinks that he can salvage the season by trading the team's next 5 first round draft picks to the Chicago Bulls for Joe Smith.

Great Dennis Scott! This guy's been around awhile.

Seriously though, how did this iron man get the nickname The Plastic Man?


What's your prediction for the Northwest Division?

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