RECAP: Warriors 122, Clippers 105: Turn to page 1 and our future is bright!

Final Boxscore

And our season starts ... now! Forget the 0 and 6 start ... our season began last night with our first win of 2007. Anyone go to the game? It was electric! Crowd was in it and it gave our players a big boost. Playing without captain Jackson for the last game of his suspension, our Warriors played with passion and aggression to take down the mighty Clippers.

At first I was hesitant because I've read stories of games like these. The ones where we are the complete underdog, down a player, and believe we can win only to turn the page and realize we are booed out of the building. Well that didn't happen last night and I call it the complete team game. We hit our free throws, had more rebounds, and made some impressive assists. What I enjoyed most about last night were the lineup changes Nellie went with and Barnes bringing back his old aggression from last year. The Clippers stayed in the game by making what seemed like all their shots. Just when thought it was time for the Warriors to choke, they completely ran the tables and closed the Clippers out!

Ok ... this looks more like a horror story than anything else! Is that Peyton Manning in the back?

Pages we wished we avoided: Tonight Nellie did a great job reading us the story. He didn't play anyone that messed up the game up (ahem Predator). I'm a little disappointed with Monta though. He still looked out of place until he used his speed to catch the defense off guard. Let's hope the next book he'll star in it.

The right picks:

3 B's: Barnes had a season high 8 assists which made the game more entertaining. Unselfish plays were one of the deciding factors in this win. Baron was his usual self attacking the basket which gives us a much better probability to win. Biedrins gave us one hell of a story line matching up against Kaman all night pulling down 18 boards and scoring 23 points.

Most of their assists came through these three.

POB and Wright: Usually in a book you'd hate to rely on the rookie characters to lead the way, but I have to be the first to admit, I was wrong about these two. I now see the potential Nellie and Mullin have in these two. It was exciting. In the second chapter Nellie put both POB and Wright on the floor at the same time giving us the length of two bubble gum tapes. I can't wait to see them have more playing time this year.

With these two on the court at the same time ... our future looks good!

It seemed like Al had a quiet night but still managed to score 27 points. I thought Barnes and Baron missed him when they should have utilized his "hotness" (I can't believe I just said that) but overall he was the silent killer.

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