OPEN THREAD: Friday Night Hoops- Yao vs Yi

With the Warriors being the opposite of undefeated right now, I'd like to focus the GSoM unstoppableness on the broader NBA landscape. Tonight's edition of ESPN Friday night hoops features the Nuggets at Wiz at 5pm PST, which should be a fun game with very little D. However the 7:30pm PST matchup between the Cavs and Kings up at Sacrapmento is a serious undercard battle. It's quite unfortunate because over 1 billion eyes will be watching the historic Yao vs Yi of The Movement fame battle and it isn't even televised nationally in the good old US of A. This is a really curious move on ESPN's part especially when they're running an AP piece on their own NBA page's ESPNEWS Headlines titled Yao vs. Yi likely to dwarf even Super Bowl ratings:

Wang said the game is expected to draw more than 200 million viewers in China. By comparison, last week's New England-Indianapolis game in the NFL drew an average audience of about 34 million. Last year's Super Bowl drew an average of 93 million.

Gotta give up to the worldwide leader for... uh, making such a silly game choice tonight. The Cavs' sweep in the NBA Finals at the hands of the San Antonio Snores drew about 20 viewers and outside of Sacramento there's probably only 2 people who actually care about the Kings right now. Yao vs Yi was a no-brainer game choice tonight for national TV. I doubt TNT would mess this one up if these were Thursday night options.

Yi helping Yao up after posterizing his own teammate accidentally in a game.

Some silly questions to get your weekend started right:

  • If the ping pong balls fell their way and the Warriors wound up with the #1 overall pick in the 2002 NBA Draft and they got Yao do you think they would've missed the playoffs from 2003-2006?
  • Actually if the Warriors ended up with the #1 overall pick in that draft do you think Warriors "braintrust" at the time Gary St. Jean would actually take Duke point guard Jay Williams over Yao as heavily rumored?
  • If Nellie was coaching Yao would he have this Chinese 7 footer launching more treys than Ray Allen?
  • Will The Yi Movement ever come to the Bay?
  • When will Milwaukee FREE YI?!

Post your answers to those questions and your Yao vs Yi predictions and game commentary in the comments. Today's a good day to have NBA League Pass. Think Yao vs Yi will be televised on AZN?

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