OPEN THREAD: 2007 NBA All-Star Weekend- Rookie Soph Game

It's opening night for the 2007 NBA All-Star Weekend! For hoops junkies worldwide, this is like Xmas stretched out over 3 days.

Vegas Baby!!

Here's the schedule for tonight's festivities:

NBA All-Star Celebrity Game

Some people say the Dunk Contest has become a joke with no big names slammin' and jammin' on the big stage anymore, but I politely beg to differ. The biggest joke during All-Star weekend in the celeb game. No seriously, it's pretty entertaining and funny in that "we're laughing at you not with you" kinda way. Check out this year's All-All- well All-Something lineup:

David Arquette ("In Case of Emergency")
Michael Clarke Duncan (The Green Mile)
Nelly (Grammy Award-winning hip hop artist)
Kevin Frazier (host of "Entertainment Tonight")
Donald Faison ("Scrubs")
Taye Diggs (Rent, Chicago)
Bobby Flay ("Throwdown with Bobby Flay")
Carrot Top (comedian)
Katie Smith (WNBA’s Detroit Shock)
Coach: Tim Legler, ESPN analyst
Asst. Coach – James Pickens Jr. ("Grey’s Anatomy")

Jamie Foxx (Ray, Dreamgirls)
James Denton ("Desperate Housewives")
Reggie Bush (NFL’s New Orleans Saints)
Bow Wow (Roll Bounce)
Jamie Kennedy ("Jamie Kennedy Experiment")
Tony Potts (co-anchor of "Access Hollywood")
Nick Cannon (Bobby)
Jonathan Silverman ("In Case of Emergency")
Tamika Catchings (WNBA’s Indiana Fever)
Coach: Greg Anthony, ESPN
Asst. Coach – Wayne Newton ("Grey’s Anatomy")

Let's hope Nick Cannon didn't design the jerseys for the West squad.


  • Nelly gets hot in here.
  • Taye Diggs gives the East its groove back.
  • Jamie Foxx throws down some slow jamz.
  • Bow Wow sticks his arm in the net like Vince Carter.
  • Nick Cannon gets wild 'n out.
  • The West is the best and wins by 6.


Rookie Challenge & Youth Jam
Tonight's main event is of course the Rookie Soph Game in which the representatives from this year's poor draft class face off against the second year studs. Check out the rosters:

Andrea Bargnani (Craptors- F)
Jordan Farmar (Fakers- G)
Randy Foye (Timbersmufs- G)
Jorge Garbajosa (Craptors- C)
Rudy Gay aka Tim Hardaway's best buddy (Frizzlies- G)
Paul Milsap (Mormons- F)
Adam Morrison (BETcats- F)
Brandon Roy (Jailblazers No More- G)

Andrew Bogut (What the Buck?- F)
Andre Bynum (Fakers- C)
MONTA ELLIS aka Ellis to the Rim aka The Real Captain Barbosa aka Money Monta (GOLDEN STATE UNSTOPPABLE BABY!!- G)
Raymond Felton (BETcats- G)
Danny Granger (Thank You Indy!- F)
Luther Head (Rox- G)
David Lee (Knickerbockers- F)
Chris Paul (Dropping Like Flies- G)
Deron Williams (Mormons- G)

The Warriors have a rich and illustrious history in the Rookie Game with this memorable list of participants:

  • Chris Webber (1994)- Good thing he and Nellie were the bestest of buddies.
  • Clifford Rozier (1995)- The Rookie Game was changed to the Rookie-Sophomore Game soon after this one, so that guys like Clifford Rozier would never be able to say they were part of All-Star Weekend ever again.
  • Joe Smith (1996)- Common name + common game = BUST
  • Antawn Jamison (2000)- Aren't you glad the Warriors traded away this future All Star to open up more playing time for Mike Dunleavy? (MISS-stake)
  • Marc Jackson (2001)- Unstoppable in every way possible.
  • Jason Richardson (2002, 2003)- M. V. P.!
  • Gilbert Arenas (2003)- Forget the Hibachi, M. V. P!
  • Troy Murphy (2003)- The exposure from the Rook-Soph game didn't land him that elusive Charmin commercial, but it did help net him a $60 million dollar deal a year later.
  • Mike Dunleavy (2004)- Excuses + More Excuses + Even More Excuses = BUST + Funleavy Foto Fun.

It's a big deal that the Warriors have some representation in this year's event. Monta Ellis is a legit rising star and the league has taken notice. The Warriors went 3 years without someone reppin' the Bay in this event and it really had me worried last season, but Monta is definitely money. Continue to expect big things from Monta (from

"Gotta make the big game now," Ellis said. "Got the little one out of the way."

Also check out loyal GSoM community member KCBS Warrior Fan's diary Good Luck Monta!


  • Adam Morrison doesn't get a single rebound, assist, steal, or block.
  • I crack up every time the announcers say "Garbajosa" (yeah, I know it's immature)!
  • David Lee grabs 20 rebounds.
  • Sophomores win by 20.
  • Monta Ellis drops 25+ points and takes home MVP honors.

National Air Time for Monta!

Make sure to give us your predictions in the comments for the opening night festivities for the 2007 NBA All-Star Weekend and post any comments you have during the events right here.

Keep it locked on GSoM for more unstoppable coverage of the NBA All-Star festivities all weekend long!

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