The Warrior Wonder Way

The 2007 NBA All-Star Weekend was a blast! In case you missed it here's a rewind:

The Warriors of course didn't have anyone reppin' Dubs colors in the big Sunday game, but it doesn't matter. Sure, being named an NBA All-Star is one of the highest hoops honors, but there's one award that means much, much more. Yup, Golden State of Mind's very own Warrior Wonder award.

We've been handing out the prestigious Warrior Wonder award since our Golden State Warriors BLOG days and it's become a hit. Whether the Warriors add to the W column or to the dreaded L column, there's always a good debate about who should get that night's award. Many of you have requested a tally for the winners so far this season, so here goes:

What the Fluke? (1)

Earl Boykins

  1. Warriors 129, Nuggets 140: Don't Let the Box Score Fool You

Hash's Sandwich

  1. Warriors 89, Spurs 129 - ALMOST HAD' EM!

Mike Dunleavy

  1. Warriors 97, Nets 105 - What a calamitous ordeal.

Adonal Foyle

  1. Warriors 123, Bulls 121 -- HAMMERTIME!

Al Harrington

  1. Warriors 131, Bobcats 105 - Did I say "Unstoppable, Baby!"?

Troy Murphy

  1. Warriors 110 Bucks 115- Unclutch... Again

Don Nelson

  1. Warriors 101, Hornets 80 - Nelliefabulous

Warrior Fans

  1. Warriors 90, Bobcats 98 - I Feel Like Throwing Up!


Wonderful Like Wonder Bread (2-4)

Jessica Alba

  1. Warriors 90, Rockets 118 - Deja Vu
  2. Warriors 103, Lakers 108- It Just Doesn't Add Up

Only 2 Warrior Wonders for Jessica so far this season?
Seriously, who are the losers handing out these awards?!

Kelenna Azubuike

  1. Warriors 105, Suns 128 - Optimism, meet pessimism!
  2. Warriors 96, Heat 118 - FUGLY!
  3. Warriors 109, Clippers 115 - Resilient

Andris Biedrins

  1. Warriors 82, Jazz 106
  2. Warriors 93, Hornets 97: A Rollercoaster Ride
  3. Warriors 111, Spurs 102
  4. Warriors 105, Hawks 106 - I Know, It's Depressing

Monta Ellis

  1. Warriors 98, Lakers 110
  2. Warriors 107, Sonics 95- We Got 5 On It!
  3. Warriors 110, Suns 113 - I Believe!
  4. Warriors 110, Nets 109 - The Shot Heard 'Round the World.

Stephen Jackson

  1. Warriors 104, Cavs 106 - So Why Am I Smiling?
  2. Warriors 113, Pacers 98 - At least your football team is good!
  3. Warriors 120, Knicks 101 - A Little Action Jackson for Valentine's?

That Funky Monkey

  1. Warriors 97, Cavs 378,982,124 - Yuck
  2. Warriors 93, Twolves 121 - You know you're in trouble when...

Warrior Girls

  1. Warriors 76, Magic 91 - UGLY!
  2. (GeriLyn) Warriors 94, Hawks 115 - Not too late for the Durant Sweepstakes?


Like WHOA! (5+)

Matt Barnes

  1. Warriors 91, Jazz 78: David Beat Goliath!
  2. Warriors 126, Kings 113 - Who needs Iverson?! (Wait! I didn't mean that! Come back Allen!!)
  3. Warriors 92, Heat 105- We Need a Little... Kapono?
  4. Warriors 116, 76ers 97 - Home Sweet Home
  5. Warriors 97, Hornets 89 - I'll take it!
  6. Warriors 111, Nuggets 123- Attack of the Killer Monstars!!

Baron Davis

  1. Warriors 107, Mavericks 104: We OWN the Mavericks!
  2. Warriors 121, Hornets 116- Can't Nobody Hold Us Down!
  3. Warriors 106, Pacers 108 - Heartache
  4. Warriors 115, Sonics 117: COLLAPSE
  5. Warriors 109, Rockets 107 - Houston You Have a Problem
  6. Warriors 101 Suns 105- No Excuses
  7. Warriors 96, Celtics 95
  8. Warriors 117, Magic 108- We Got the Magic Streak!
  9. Warriors 110, Celtics 100 - Beating Boring Boston
  10. Warriors 108, Sonics 104 - Too Close for Comfort
  11. Warriors 108, Clippers 93- Now Lean Back!
  12. Warriors 102, 76ers 101- Saved By "The Drive"


Looking over these Warrior Wonder counts through All-Star break there's one big glaring omission. Can you spot the wonderful Warrior who has yet to win the award this season? (HINT: He won it dozens of times last season.)


Warrior Wonder Logo Contest
Come to think of it, you know we could really use a logo for the Warrior Wonder award every night for the GSoM recaps. Email us your Warrior Wonder logos by March 1st to with the subject "Warrior Wonder Logo Entry" and we'll select the top ones for a HOT or NOT competition where the entire GSoM community can vote on their favorite. The winner will win an item of their choice from the GSoM Store and be the creator the official GSoM Warrior Wonder Logo (a definite resume booster!). It could be you!

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