Recap: Warriors 87, Blazers 106 - A bet's a bet!

Man, did I deserve this! After all the trash talking in my preview I could have sworn this was going to be an easy win. However, since I am a Warriors fan maybe I shouldn't be too surprised. In the end I have to bow down to the amazing Blazer blog ...  BlazersEdge.

But before you read this, I just want to say one thing. I truly hope you Warrior players read this blog, because I'm tired. I'm tired of anticipation. I'm tired of the potential. I'm tired of you guys every year showing some sign of hope making me believe this is our year. I realize we are still in the race, but you really disappointed me tonight! From a loyal fan ... YaoButtaMing.

So with that, I am a man of my word. I lost a bet to BlazersEdge and I have to write a poem about how great their site truly is. So now I present to you my brilliant poem describing the distinguished and effulgent blog of the Portland Trailblazers.

And now for what they're all waiting for. This is for you Dave:

Blazers Edge,
I alleged,
That we Warriors would have you sledged,
But in the end,
We were the ones unfledged,

You see,
You were right,
Your blog is in flight,
To be the best in sight,
And I can't believe,
My warriors didn't achieve,
A morsel of respect,
And thus I am a wreck.

But where do I begin?
Your logo has me doing back spins,
With the amazing font,
Your endless grays,
With red-ish rays,
I have to give you so much praise!

But it's not about your looks,
Or your hooks,
It's about a writer named Dave,
Or should we call him David?
Because David beat Goliath,
One man versus the five of us,
Dave is boisterous,
Exhibits coolness,
And is absolutely tremendous,

And boy does he have a community,
Posting 500 comments a game,
It's a real shame,
That GSoM can't complain,
For we are too blame,
And one day hope to gain,
What you are able to maintain,

Tonight it was Zack,
To the attack,
And this rookie named Roy,
Who took all our joy,
We didn't have Davis,
But no excuse for our laziness,
Credit the Blazers for their win,
And putting us in our dead spin,

Congratulations to the Blazers,
Making our Warriors act like geezers,
Even with all your brilliance,
We still have one thing in common,
We both have great readers!

I think this says it all!

Warrior Wonder: Us fans! I don't care what you say there was NO ONE exceptional tonight other than us. We posted a high number of comments and devoted our Sunday night to coming together for one common goal, to push towards the playoffs. Instead, all we got was a disappointing loss. So I thank all you GSoM fans for sticking with us.

Check out Dave's wonderful  BlazersEdge site one last time. I'll get you next time Dave, I promise!

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