GSoM Night at The Oracle... 114 Strong and Rising!

In case you haven't been on planet GSoM for the past few weeks, the Warriors and your boys at GSoM hooked up a phat event: Golden State of Mind Night at the Oracle. Our original goal was 75 tickets so that we could all sit courtside during warmups, but we've already obliterated that mark and are now up to a whopping 114 people. GSoMers roll D-E-E-P!

There are well over 3,500 people who make the mighty Golden State of Mind a daily stop. We hope to see all 3,500 of you at the 1st Annual GSoM Night at The Oracle. Bring your friends! Bring your cousins! Bring your moms! Bring your dads! Bring your boyfriends and girlfriends! Bring your husbands and wives! Shoot, bring your ex-boyfriends, ex-girlfriends, ex-husbands, and ex-wives! Let's pack the house!

For those of you who still haven't bought your ticket, here's 5 reasons why you're going to regret missing GSoM Night:

1) UNDEFEATED: The Warriors have never lost a game during the annual GSoM Night at The Oracle.

2) Be Part of History: You can tell your kids (or grandchildren) that you were there for the 1st ever GSoM Night at The Oracle.

3) "PLAYOFFS?!": Yeah, we're talking about playoffs! For the first time in over a decade the Warriors actually have a chance to make the playoffs. Be there as they make the push along side your fellow GSoMers.

4) UNSTOPPABLE BABY!: Section 206 is going to be home to the LOUDEST and best looking Warrior fans at the arena on Thursday night! Plus, this section is going to be sporting all the flyest gear from the GSoM Store.

5) GSoM Poster Night Part II: Also, as an added bonus we're breaking out some goodies courtesy of the good people at FSN Bay Area. Yup, THE Baron Davis poster:

Free Baron Davis poster... no joke!

In all seriousness, please do come out and show the Warriors some love along side all your friends at Golden State of Mind. GSoM Night... It's a Great Time Out!


Here's the key details:

Ticket Info
Date: Friday, March 23, 2007
Courtside Warmups: Be there by 5:45pm (more details to follow)
Tip off: 7:30pm
Opponent: Washington Wizards
Section: 206
Tickets: $20 (regularly $35)

Purchasing Tickets
Group Sales Rep: Chris Murphy
1) Call: 510-986-2214
2) Email:

Best seat in the house!


To guarantee a spot at the festivities you must buy your tickets by Wednesday March 21st.

If you have any questions make sure to check out these posts and their associated comments to see if there's already answer. If not, post your questions in the comments.

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