Lets Predict the rest of the season!

vs. Clippers.... WIN 29-35

This will obviously be a 10 point victory. No Cassell, no Livingston, Warriors are rolling....

at Portland..... WIN 30-35

Portland can beat anybody, but their arena is about as good as the Cox Convention Center (Cow Palace for you guys) and we're on a win streak.

vs. Dallas....WIN 31-35

We are in the midst of a 5 game win streak, we are at home, Dallas is our bitches....OWNED! By 1 point. SHOCK THE WORLD! I'm pumped for this game.

vs. Minnesota....WIN 32-35

This is one of those blah games where the thread won't be aaaas active, but one of those "blah" games the Warriors must win. Especially if they lose to Dallas.

at Seattle.....Loss 32-36

Gotta insert a loss in here somewhere. It will be on a back to back, and while we are on the win streak, Ray Allen can't be contained. We are also away, and we are terrible at that.

at Utah......Loss 32-37

Everyone gets really depressed and starts talking about all of that Greg Oden nonsense. We can't beat Utah on the road.

vs. Washington.....WIN 33-37

Everyone gets stoked for the "Revenge" game, and the Warriors win it one way or the other.

at Lakers.....Loss 33-38

Lakers? We have matchup problems with these guys....'Nuff said. Turiaf goes crazy!

vs Spurs.....WIN 34-38

The Spurs get lazy having clinched their position basically, and although on back to back losses and a back to back game, the Warriors will some how pull through for a "Miracle" win.

vs Suns.....WIN 35-38

The Warriors finally get rolling as everyone starts talking about playoffs and give up talking about Oden. It will look like a game of NBA JAM, everyone will be rested, at home...can you feel it?

vs Memphis.....WIN 36-38

They'll be tanking. At home. Rested.

at Houston.....WIN 37-38

Adonal does a good job of containing Yao in his 2nd start of the season, while JRich has a scoring contest with TMac.

at Memphis....Loss 37-39

Has anyone forgotten that we're still the Warriors? Away games are not our strong point.

at San Antonio....Loss 37-40

Warrior hearts sink to an all-time low as we lose it against a team that will probobly rest their starters a lot. The Warriors have never won in that Arena, and it won't happen this season.

vs Utah.....WIN 38-40

We are terrible at the Jazz, but I predict a huge J-Rich/Baron game as they pull up in the clutch down the stretch. Everyone calls it a step to Sacramento. However, in the closing minutes, Biedrins gets stepped on by Andrei Kirilenko while going for a block, and is out for one game.

at Las Vegas....WIN 39-40

Don Nelson considers starting Josh Powell, but he knows that we need vertern experience to win this game. So he starts ADONAL FOYLE! Adonal goes crazy with a 20 point, 9 rebound, 5 block, and 3 assist game. Don Nelson pulls him out before the 4th, saying after the game, "Did you see that pick he missed? Jeez. That guy needs to lose some weight and be more like Andris." Adonal shrugs. It is a blowout win to dash Las Vegases Playoff hopes.

vs. Minnesota....WIN 40-40

The team is probobly out of the playoffs by now, and Kevin Garnett doesn't try much, and we see a lot of Craig Smith. They will be about as good as the 76ers without a cause.

vs. Dallas......WIN 41-40

Everyone celebrates as we beat a team starting the great Djenga Mbenga.

at Portland....WIN 42-40

Portland gets psyched for next season.

Playoff Standings:

  1. Dallas
  2. San Antonio
  3. Phoenix
  4. Utah
  5. Houston
  6. Los Angeles
  7. Oklahoma City
  8. Golden State
  9. Denver
  10. LA Clippers
  11. Sacramento
  12. Minnesota
  13. Seattle
  14. Portland
  15. Memphis
Playoff Series #1
Golden State vs. Dallas
Warriors Win 4-3!

We win every game at home, lose a couple badly and one closely on the road, and then win in OT on the road, and Jrich has a (career high?) 40 points.

Playoff Series #2
Golden State vs. Houston
Warriors Win 4-2!

We win the first game on pure energy and Adonal Containment, but lose the next pretty badly. However, T-Mac's back snaps in half, so the Warriors grind the rest out fairly easily.

Playoff Series #3
Conference Finals
Golden State vs. Oklahoma City
Warriors Win 4-2!

Away games are like home games to the Warriors, due to Zorgon cheering them on.

Playoff Series #4
NBA Finals
Golden State vs. Detroit
Warriors Win 4-2!

Is this the best the east has to offer? With DJ Fuzzylogic at the away games, the Pistons don't stand a chance, and their lack of center hurts them. Big Ben laughs at his TV.

Wait, did I just declare the Warriors NBA Champions?

Grah, I guess I went overboard.

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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