Zorgon's Photo-Rific Recap!

So, I went down to Dallas yesterday to cheer on the Warriors. (Apologies for the lateness, but I was soo tired....)

I had a poll in my recent diary about what restaurant I wanted to go to. It was split between Jack in the Box and White Castle, and since I hate White Castle, I went to Jack in the Box.

Apparently, this is a size "large" in Texas. Kids soda shown for comparison.

This is what I had. 3 Monster Tacos, Curly Fries (props to AJC3317 for suggesting them) and a "Large" Coke no ice. The Curly fires owned, even though I don't normally like Curly fries. The Monster Tacos were okay/goodish, but the meat needed some work. I also needed two sauce packets to fill each taco. The Coke was Coke, and so Texas Large that I didn't need a refill. So, we went on our way to Dallas.

The arena was Huge...XBOX HUEG!!!!! (The sign on it said, "IT'S PLAYOFF TIME!)

There were some pretty crazy Dallas fans there. One guy had Mavs Leiderhosen. Hmmmm. I was like a fleck of pepper in a cup of milk. The Channel 2 Guy is interviewing them.

While waiting outside, I was surprised by a camera crew that shouted at me from across the street, "Hey, a Warriors Fan! Oakland, Channel 2!" And so I got interviewed by this guy. Some of the questions he asked:

Channel 2 Guy: "So, why are you the only Warriors fan out here?"
Me: Well, I don't think that people have enough money to come out here. (Something like that.)

Ch2Guy: "So, are you from Oakland, or what?"
Me: "No, I'm from Oklahoma City."

Ch2Guy: So, let me get this straight. You're a Golden State fan, from Oklahoma City, Cheering them on in Dallas?
Me: Yes.

Ch2Guy: Why is this?
Me: (I give an abridged version of my award winning essay.)

Ch2Guy: So you're a Warriors fan because you're a COMPUTER NERD?!?!?!
Me: Yeah, I guess.

Ch2Guy: Tell me about your sign, what does it say?
Me: (Give the story of Unstoppable, Baby!, tell about GSoM....)

Ch2Guy: Could I get you to go across the street and hold up your sign?
Me: Sure.

(I do so, and they give me the thumbs up and walk away.)(I saw him again at halftime and he patted my shoulder and I said, "Hey." Symbolic? Nah.)

So, I turn around and am about to go in when all of a sudden....PERSON FROM CBS IN OAKLAND WANTS TO INTERVIEW!!!!

So, it want muchly the same, but she got a bit more in depth.

CBS: Are you scared being in a arena of Dallas fans?
Me: Yeah, I hope I don't get beat up.

CBS: People are saying that Dallas can just hope to get through without injury, do you think the Warriors are getting enough credit?
Me: They're definately not getting enough credit. In my opinion, they will beat the Mavs 4-0 or 4-1, it's not even a contest. The Warriors will beat down the Mavs.

CBS: So, tell me the stories of all of your stuff!
Me: (I tell about Adonal, my Thunder Doll, my sign, my head band, my Media Guide. I also tell about GSoM.)

CBS: Could you do that dance that those guys have been doing in the locker room?
Me: bob feet back and forth Like this?
CBS: Yeah, could you show us that?
Me: I have no idea how to do it.
CBS: I think Mikael Pietrus started it.
Me: Well, I can't do that, but I can tell you GO WARRIORS! (It was a shout into the Mic)

CBS: Oookay, could you turn around and show us all of your stuff? Oh wait, the camera guy is circling you.
(Camera Guy is very sneaky.)

She thanked me for my time and left.

So I went into the stadium and the guy scanned my ticket. I then needed to go through security, but before that....A GUY FROM THE FT.WORTH STAR-TELEGRAM WANTED TO INTERVIEW!!!! (Props to Game Six for the link to the article.)

So, the interview was even more indepth, I told him about Democracy Matters, about where my Mom and sister were, etc.

I then entered the Arena (ahem, Center) to see more crazy Mavs fans.

Hmmm...Bucket Shoes....

I entered my section to see ULTRA SECURITY. I had to go through two guards to get to my seat. I couldn't go any further than it, but I got to go to the special "autograph section" (Ahem, George Shinn, where was THAT in the Ford Center?). The Dallas section was full, but the Golden State section had about 10-12 people, half of which were card collectors who monopolized the seats, and the other half were actual fans.

Meanwhile, I met GameSix. He was a nice guy, who only posts sporadically, but he was still cool. He wore a Fisher jersey with a "I'm just happy to be here!" sign. He found me by saying, "Oh, you've GOTTA be Zorgon!" I guess I'm just that noticable.

There he is, from far away.

Here's some of the autographs I got in my media guide. During this, there were random people running back and forth in Warrior shorts. I have no idea who they were. They are sneaky like cameraman.

Keith Smart- He seemed to genuinely enjoy siging the autographs, and was nice to fans. I always thought he'd be a nice guy.

Patrick O'Bryant- He was kind of emotionless, but he did that because he knew that most of the people were there for trading cards, not him. I said, "You'll be a Great Center someday!" But I kind of stuttered and he was halfway down the tunnel, so I dunno if he heard it.

Andris Biedrins- Everyone flocked to the section when he came, and he was very annoyed at signing autographs. There was a huge ugh expression on his face. When he came to me (I was last) I gave him my sharpie had RUN OUT!!!! I had left it uncapped. Then the worst expression possible come upon his face, as if to say, "You gave me this trick marker you bastard, why don't I come over there and smack you!" Luckily, the lady below me gave him a sharpie to sign with and he did a quickie and went down the tunnel. I gave a weak, "thanks".

Matt Barnes- Not annoyed, not glad. Just neutral. I told him he had a nice Mohawk. He didn't respond.

Monta also passed by, but he gave a weak wave and didn't seem to care much. Sarunas didn't even acknowledge our existance.

I could view outside the tunnel almost into the locker room, and then THE MAN came out. ADONAL FOYLE! I shouted, "ADONAL!" and he nodded! He then walked out of the tunnel and onto the court. I said, "Adonal!" again and showed him my jersey. He saw it, and then did a thumbs up and a "You're the Man!" kind of point, like this:

He then greeted some family he knew, and started practicing. I noticed it was time to meet Dallas Warrior, so I went to meet him. He wasn't there after 10 minutes, so I came back to learn from GameSix that I missed S-Jax and JRich! Blast. Adonal was the last guy on the court. The security guard then announced it was one minute until time to go. I then called, "Comeon, Adonal!" like 3 times, and then I had to leave. No autograph for my jersey :(.

There was also Josh Powell. I went to get his section in the media guide, to realise he wasn't there! (trade) So then I went to the inside cover, but he was gone by the time I was ready. Oh well.

So it was close to game time, but I was still hung-ray. So I had some Pizza and Soda. I always liek to rep the minority, so I got the "eat at the game" folks too.

I then decided to go to my seat, but right before I went into my section....I met Xacto! He was an Asian dude with glasses. He told me about his awesome booth, and then we were forced to part ways. Nice to meet another guy.

I headed to my seat. The game clock time passed like lead. I had like 4 seats to myself, which was cool. The Mavericks arrived. God himself may as well have arrived. "DFHDFHKDFNHKDFNHKDFKHFMHJLDFMKJLG" is what the Mavs fans said. Then the Warriors arrived, "BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!"
My heart was pumping. Then it was finally time. I cheered on the starting lineups, but I was really alone. I saw some Al Harrington fans, and 2 random JRich fans, but they were quiet. I was truely alone in Dallas, very unlike the Ford Center.

The Mavs starting lineups came out, and it was scary.

The balloons were weak though, they didn't last long. The announcer was an old guy, and he was cool. I then heard, "At Center...DEVEAN GEORGE!!!!" WTF? Copiers!

During the game, they had clips of popular movies with Mavericks heads on various characters. In the Star Wars one, Darth Vader wore a Warriors logo! Kicka**! Even they think highly of us.

After the first quarter, some drunks moved in next to me. The guy closest to me couldn't even read the score. Here I am in the S-Jaxx pic.

I wasn't hiding behind my sign, that's how high it is in my lap, and I didn't want to block people from seeing. I held it up for about 5 seconds after every score and cheered.

You don't understand NBA action till you're there on the floor. I was a lot higher at the Hornets games, and let me tell you, it is a lot different. If you ever get courtside tickets to a Bobcats-Blazers game, never pass them up. It's not the same at all as higher sections.

Sorry, I have no Game Pics (too busy cheering!), but I do have Warmup Pics!

The guys at FSN Bay Area getting ready for the game.

(I know they're bad, but my camera was not very good at Cooperating....)

I shouted BRICK at every freethrow, and whenever the Mavs made it, the Drunk people would shout in my ear. Ugh.

Other Assorted Pics:

The bathrooms were BALLIN!

Water: Mavericks edition.

Again, the arena was XBOX HUEG!

A couple of just pregame pics.

Postgame, I stood there for about 10 minutes holding my "Unstoppable, Baby!" sign as high as we could. Yes, we. I think all of Warrior Nation spoke in that sign. I was then informed I had to leave. A lot of people admired me for my courage.

Here's Jack in the post game interview:

As I left, one final look at the scoreboard:

Post Game Thoughts: WHO CARES, WE FREAKING WON!!!!

Any questions, feel free to ask.

And if you can post anytimes I was on TV on YouTube, or if you can describe it in a bit more detail than Fantasy Junkie did, I would extremely appreciate it.

I'll leave you with the most important pic of all:

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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