As the open thread says, today, all eyes were on the Warriors. If we won this game, we'd have been catapulted to a new level. Unfortunately, we couldn't get the job done. We were CLEARLY extremely tight, because suddenly, we've got a bunch of expectations on our shoulders. We were clearly uncomfortable from the 2nd half onwards. 7 assists and 23 turnovers are simply unheard of from the Warriors.

Am I angry with how the Warriors played today? I won't lie, I'm a bit angry. The defense was porous, and we were very anxious. However, this was probably the BIGGEST game Dallas has played in
several years. If they lost this game, they'd be laughing stocks. All the critics would be jumping on their backs. Plus, this was on their home court. It would have been extremely hard for the Warriors to beat Dallas today, simply because of that intangible factor. The loss today, although a bit disappointing, was understandable, and it won't be too hard to swallow.

Am I angry with how the officials basically killed our chances with those technicals that were COMPLETELY bogus, and then the tech to throw Davis out of the game? Damn right I am. Davis was simply being the showman he was, going for the steal harmlessly after the play was over. Terry then turns around and decides to be a pompous * and start fussing, and Diop made it worse. Jackson comes over to STOP the fighting, and one of the Dallas players calls him out. And the Warriors get the brunt of the damage on that play? Right, that REALLY makes sense. Same goes with Davis not being allowed to clap. Regardless, the Warriors have been winning down the stretch without ANY help from refs, and that obviously has not changed.

However, neither of these things come CLOSE to the  anger I feel towards TNT, and I'm not going to call him an analyst anymore, Charles Barkley. For several years, I've been tuning in regularly to the TNT Thursday games, because I generally find the announcers lively, and the halftime show very entertaining. Barkley was the "class clown", so to speak, and he made things lively. Today, the announcers of the game did a solid job, with the climax coming when Reggie exclaimed, "Dallas better not go to sleep on this team, this team is for real!" However, none of that mattered to me. Charles Barkley COMPLETELY shattered the image that I had of him with his remarks that all of you probably have already heard.

I can understand him being confused with how Dallas had played up till point, because he obviously knows zilch about the Warriors, and what they can do.

However, who does he think he is to completely diss the Warriors the way he did on national television? Continuously calling them midgets, and bashing the Warriors was bad enough. But then he goes on to GUARANTEE that Dallas is going to win the game, and then the next 3 in succession. Does he provide any "expert" insight on why he believes so? Of course he doesn't. What do you think he is, an analyst? He's great for a meaningless game in the middle of the season, where what he says doesn't really carry any weight, and we can take it with a grain of salt, and laugh at his antics.

But to, on NATIONAL television, in front of MILLIONS of viewers, COMPLETELY humiliate the Warriors, with NO basis behind his views, was the most unprofessional thing I've encountered in a while. This man doesn't belong besides solid, LEGIT, analysts like The Jet and EJ. He can go start a radio show where he can spew his nonsense, without disturbing anyone else with his pointless rubbish. But Charles Barkley, don't you EVER, EVER, go on NATIONAL television again, and talk nonsense about MY BELOVED Golden State of Warriors. If I can recall, he's the guy that was constantly hating on Dallas and Dirk, calling them soft, and all that hoopla. Way to jump on the bandwagon. Analysts are supposed to provide a clear, UN-BIASED opinion, especially when they're on such a large stage as he is.

I don't want to make this seem a personal attack. But as soon as I heard those comments, besides whirling a massive rock at my TV(kidding), I couldn't help but think that Barkley probably has a bet on Dallas winning in 5. He's probably bet his whole damn bank on Dallas winning this series.

Well, Charles. I hope you lose. I hope the Warriors beat the Mavericks by 20 in the remaining 3 games. I hope the Warriors go on to win the championship, sweeping every single series from then onwards. I hope I read a breaking news article on Yahoo shortly afterwards, telling me how Charles Barkley bet his life's savings on Dallas, and now he's broke. I hope you get fired from TNT shortly after that. I hope I'll get to see you cry on national television.

Wait, I won't. You know why? I'm never going to watch another TNT broadcast again, until that man is removed from the show. He doesn't belong there. He's no analyst. He's a show clown. Nothing more, nothing less. He was a great player on the court. He's nothing more than a chump in the booth. I've put many words down here, but these words cannot BEGIN to express the hatred I feel towards this man at this moment.

Congratulations Barkley. You've just made yourself my worst enemy. You've just made yourself the least favorite person on my list, beating out all the other haters of the Warriors by an incredibly massive landslide. Of course, none of this will matter to you. Losing one tiny viewer won't stop you from getting your money. TNT's not going to take any actions against you. It's all about the money. You can continue throwing your bogus around, so that you can make more money, so that you can gamble more of it away.

But one thing you can bet on, Charles Barkley. I shall never view anything with you on it ever again. If the TV ever mentions you, I'm switching the channel. Hell, I'd rather watch CSPAN before watching you "analyze" another NBA game.

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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