Official GSW 06-07 Memory Blog

The Warriors have provided us with some of the most exciting basketball we have seen in a long time here in the Bay....I have maybe 10-12 memories that stick in my head...please post any other ones you can remember..

THE TRADE - Who can forget the horrid times we suffered watching Dunmurphy? It seems like such a long time ago we were all talking about possible ways to dump ONE of them...and somehow, we got rid of both of them, and in return...get Stephen Jackson and Harrington.

THE HEROICS - Game winners anybody? Al Harrington with a couple seconds left against Philly AT Philly....Baron Davis over Yao Ming at the buzzer? And who can forget Monta Ellis coming through against the Nets?

THE GAME - Washington...Gilbert fouled with no time left...Nelson gets a technical foul...all 3 free throws get sinked...Warriors lose by 1...end of story....

THE TALK - Following that very same road trip...Nelson had given up on the Warriors, saying he THOUGHT we were a playoff team..but he was wrong...this talk to his team and media lead to one event...

THE SPARK - Following that tough Washington loss...the Warriors traveled to Detroit the VERY NEXT DAY and handled buisness in a 111-93 lobsided win, which sparked what went on to be..

THE TEAR - Including the win over Detroit on the road...the Warriors finished the season going 16-5 and jumped right into the playoffs inlcuding a game they won against the Portland Trailblazers on the last day of the season to clinch the 8th seed in the Western Conference Playoffs while thousands of Warrior faithful watched live on the big screen at the Oracle. The tear was NOT easy...going into the so called TEAR...the Warriors faced the toughest schedule remaining in the NBA including battles against San Antonio, Dallas, Pheonix, Denver, Detroit, Utah, Houston and the Lakers.

THE PLAYOFFS -The Warriors stormed into the playoffs going 8-1 in April heading into the playoffs...NOBODY wanted to face the Warriors...this was even more obvious the minute the Mavs faced the Warriors in the playoffs. Every Stephen Jackson 3...every Baron Davis circus shot and drive to the basket...every half court last second shot to end a quarter that went in, seemed to make the Warriors look more like a team of destiny. The Dallas Mavericks, nor the nation was prepared for what was about to happen in the Oracle...the loudest place the NBA has seen in years. Charles Barkley? What can we say about him? He just added to what was a crazy season....

THE DUNK - Its sad that the last thing I have to say on this post is about one play that will go down in Warrior history as the most exciting thing we have ever seen...but, unfortunately the playoffs ended for the Warriors in a bad way...but nobody will ever forget the facial Baron Davis gave AK-47. It was instantly a poster and t-shirt in every Bay Area city, and will be a memory that none of us forget.

Hopefully next season we pick up a big man to help us get some boards...we ARE one piece away and maybe one or 2 role players who can actually get some minutes to solve our fatigue issues...but besides that...I think its safe to say that Opening Night will be sold out in 08'.

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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