the goldenstate warriors plan ahead

The Golden State Warriors:

It is time for one A championship

The goldenstate warriors have a bleak future ahead.

Both Baron "crossover" davis and j rich are going down hill.
Baron davis at age 28 does not have many minutes left in him, He will mostl ikely be gone in 2 season.
If i was gm i would trade them as soon as possible. by next season, this duo (davis and rich) will have no value. Trade them for picks,howbout this
jason richardson, baron davis, adonal foyle, biedrins, in exchange for portlands number one pick and zach "the body" randolph with his big contract, and fred jones (to make saleries work"

oden becomes the face of the warriors fracnchise and the blazers have a nice cores of davis,jrich,roy,aldridge and street ballin phenom darius mile :):(

if the oden-monta elis combo works out, the goldenstate warriors could very well become a good team that could make it far in the nba playoffs

yi jiaeunlian will go to the bulls so the warriors can forget about him (assuming the kobe to bulls trade exchange does no happen. the bulls will have a very nice team that could some day challenge our warriors in the nba finals
big ben wallace guarding greg #20 oden, greg oden guardin big ben wallace....what a matchup that would

if the bulls  ever play the warriors it will probably be in 2-3 year, giving both team time to develope thier younging,

the bulls would be packing alot of talent against the oden warriors,

next summer will be a good summer for free agency, the warriors options would be : Corry Maggete, Elton Brand, or Devin   Harris.

if the warriors sign 2 decent free agents next summer, they might have a chance against the bull in the finals, the bulls of course lacking a scoring big man might struggle in the clutch, unline the warriors who can just dump it into oden and tell im to get a basket, then again the bulls have the advantage at the guard spot, with kirk hinrich and bg7 ben gordon, the bulls also have the edge in 3 pt shooting, with kirk hinrich and bg7 ben gordon,

my prediction would be the bulls in 7 in overtime(sorry gs warriors but the bulls got more talent)

when the gs warriors trade baron and jrich for oden and zach randolph,they will most likely becom e championship contenders,

if they do not execut that trade they will continue to struggle, then baron or jrich will request trade me as kobe brayant did for the laker

that is my theory

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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