(new) ANALYSIS: Brandan Wright, Efficient and Productive

One perspective on Wright I haven't seen posted here yet...

Disclaimer: I did not come up with the analysis myself. Credit goes to TheCity17 from WarriorsInsider (link:

Brandon Wright made 209 field goals his freshman year at UNC while shooting 66% from the field.

Taking the 209 or the 66% alone wouldn't tell us much (either he got alot of opportunities or he got lucky)...but together, they're pretty remarkable.

The first (typical) response by a Brandon Wright (and by extension, Mulson)-hater would be: "that's easy, he just made a buncha dunks and layups!"

Counter: If it were so easy, why doesn't everyone do it?

Reason: Because it ain't so freakin' easy.

Lets look at some history:

In '06-'07, only one other major school player approached the 66% FG and 209 FG that Wright put up. That player was Roy Hibbert, who shot 69% but made 90 fewer field goals.

Since 2001, the only players to hit 200 FG's and approach 66% FG:

  1. Andruw Bogut (soph) made 260 of 414 FG, good for 62.8% and the first overall pick in the '04-'05 draft.
  2. Emeka Okafor (sr.) made 229 of 380 FG, good for 60.3% and became the second overall pick in the '03-'04 draft.
  3. Chris Kaman (jr.) made 228 of 361 FG, good for 63.2% and became the sixth overall pick in the '02-'03 draft.
  4. Carlos Boozer (jr.) made 210 of 315 FG, good for 66.7% and was drafted in the second round in '01-'02.
  5. Nick Collison 209 of 348 FG, good for 60.1% and became the twelfth overall pick in the '01-'02 draft.
So you have two studs in Boozer and Okafor, a couple quality centers (But not great) in Kaman and Bogut, and a solid bench player in Collison. None of those guys can be considered "busts" (i.e. out of the league or production vastly below expectations for draft position). How Boozer dropped that far is crazy...

Remarkably, Wright was the only freshman of the elite 60+%/200+ group.

Hopefully this dispells the myth that Wright was "lucky" or worse, "soft", because he hit ALOT of shots and missed a relative few playing in against elite competition, without even being the #1 scoring option on his team. On paper, this is encouraging, and scouting on video backs it up by showcasing his length (We know about), deft touch with both hands, and quick release and rising ability

Success in the NBA is never guaranteed, but at least we should rest easy that Wright has a very good foundation, assuming he plays for us next year.

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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