Stern: Donaghy a "rogue, isolated criminal"

I'm surprised no one has really reacted to the Commish's presser today ..

David Stern addressed the media regarding the FBI investigation of former NBA referee Tim Donaghy on Tuesday morning. Stern reiterated that Donaghy's actions were an isolated case and said he and the league would do everything they can to aid the FBI in their investigation and restore
the "covenant" with the fans.

I have to admit that old Sterny did a really good job of managing what should be a crisis. This is by far the worst thing that could happen to the NBA (well .. for the most part) and he owned up to his own mistakes and said that it is going to be really difficult to make everyone happy and comfortable again, but he's going to have to do it.

I know a lot of people really don't like him for his martial law when things go bad, but homeboy took this one like a man and earned a lot of respect from me today. My sources in the league told me that the FBI and lawyers within the NBA did NOT want him to address this issue right now because Donaghy hasn't been arraigned yet, but Stern promised everyone that he'd toe the line and only say what he can.

I honestly don't think any of us could straddle the fine line between impeding an investigation and giving the public the information that they need like he did today. Granted, you can't expect him to come out and be hysteric - he said what everyone knew he would say as far as the issue being isolated - but at the same time he said that he can only say that with the information that he has today and is prepared to accept that more people could be involved.

He was exposed and ready to take the punch and I feel like he came off as an honest guy that will do what he can to fix all this. I feel like I was watching the end of a fight where the little guy is beaten and bruised and can't see out of one eye but is still getting up from knockdowns and throwing his own punches.

Anyway .. obviously I really think the Commish did a good job today .. and I normally am very critical of the things he does.

What did you think of what Ol' Sterny said today?


[editor's note, by OptionZero] Pree, there was actually another diary about the press conference today. Since yours has a comment and the other didn't, I'll leave yours and copy and paste the contents of the other here.

originally posted by mike d:

hey folks,

i'm interested to hear what you think about this referee scandal.  stern is on the TV right now trying to spin the whole Donaghy deal, expressing that there is serious security, serious job review, serious follow-up.  now i'm beginning to realize why they don't want an NBA team in Las Vegas.

the key thing is that stern says Donaghy is the only ref under investigation.  hopefully it stays that way...we'd hate for the NBA to turn into the Black Sox scandal.

here's one article to check out in the Washington Post.

what do you all think?

also of interest might be ThermoElectro's Diary about the gambling allegations, posted when the story first broke.

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