Warrior's Trade Assets

One topic which came out of the "What if this is it?" diary, was whether or not the Wariors roster was set for training camp.  If it isn't, and further trades are to come, I thought it would be interesting to list the possible assets that they have to trade.

Here are their 15 players under contract, including Peitrus, who has a Warriors offer pending, listed in reverse order of tradability/value or the likelyhood of being traded.

Untradables or untouchables:

15. Baron Davis
Davis isn't untradable, but for now he is an untouchable.  When the Warriors decide to blow this team up and start from scratch, they'll try to deal him.  Until then, they are building around him.

14. Stephen Jackson
Not an untouchable but probably an untradable.  He's got three years and $21.5 Million left on a contract, which is difficult to stomach for teams that are afraid of his on and off court combustability.  That's pretty much all of the teams.  Plus, he's a good fit and Nellie likes him.  He's staying.

13. Andres Biedrens
Short of being included in a package for a superstar, he's an untouchable.  And that potential superstar deal appears to have come and gone.

12. Kosta Perovic
I think he can be traded in about three weeks, but who would possibly want him?  3 Years, $5 million (I think) for a project center with mediocre Euroleague stats?  This is Mullin's most puzzling move since Dunleavy's extention.

11. Austin Croshere
He can't be traded before Dec. 15th, but it is possible he may be cut before then.


10. Klenna Azuibuike
Can't be traded until Dec. 15th.  But if he proves vauluable in the meantime, seems that he would be a lock to stay on the Warrior's roster for the duration of his two-year minmum wage contract.

9. Matt Barnes
Again, can't be traded until Dec. 15th, because he signed as a FA this off-season.  But he had some other FA interest and signed a low-budget expiring contract.  I'm not sure under what circumstances the Warriors would WANT to trade him, but if they so deemed, it would be pretty doable.

8. Adonal Foyle
His contract is much more tradable than it at first seems, which is one reason I don't think he will be bought out. First off, the Warriors can always take back a similar, but perhaps even worse salary, in order to acquire a desirable player.  And in a multi-player deal, Foyle could easily be included to take up salary space.  Overall, as his two year contract gets closer to its conclusion, he becomes a more valuable trading chip.  Plus, as of now, he could still probably serve as a back-up center on some teams.

7.  P.O.B.
Many of us don't think he'll ever make it in this league, but he's only 21, is only one year away from being the 8th pick in the draft and has only one guarenteed year and $2.3 million left on his contract.

6. Sarunas Jaskvevicius
An expiring contract for a reasonable price ($4 million).  Sarunas could easily play a back-up point in most systems.  He's shot 37% of treys in his NBA career, to boot.

5. Michael Pietrus
Michael has to go this high on the list, because there are still S&T rumours cirulating about him, as I write.  Not that he'll neccessarily get traded, but I think his playoff play impressed some teams.  Nelson wasn't afraid to play him under any ciricumstances.  Plus he's still young (25) and has all that athleticism.  His lack of both improvement and basketball IQ continues to be a concern.

4. Al Harrington
Has a big contract, 3 years $27.6 million, which holds his tradability back.  But does things that coaches like and GMs value.  Is a very good on-the-ball defender, has a varied offensive game (post-up game, mid and long range jump shots, can put the ball on the floor), which fits in many systems. Also, he is a good egg.  Has his drawbacks - a SF trapped in a PF's body, can't rebound if his life depended on it, can't guard strong inside guys - but for the right team, would be valuable player.

3. Marco Belinelli
Has the best publicist this side of Paris Hilton for a guy with crummy Euroleauge stats (If you think FG%, rebounds and assists mean anything).  I know people here love him, but for a guy shot 42% in summer league (INCLUDING a great game), he could garner a lot more than your average 18th pick.

2. Brandan Wright
What bodes well for his trade value is that he was considered to be the 3rd pick in the draft at one point.  Clearly, most teams aren't sold on him as a can't miss - too skinny, lack of rebounding, was hiding hip injury - but his upside is excellent, and he is a long 6'9 1/2".

1. Monta Ellis
Will be only 22 and had an above averge PER.  Also, improved tremendously as a defensive player last season.  Will probably become a good 3P shooter, which will help combat defenders laying off him to prevent the drive.  The key to his future value will probably be whether he can evolve into a PG.  Otherwise he faces somewhat of an uphill battle as a career undersized SG.

Bonus: Trading Exception and Draft Picks
Maybe their best trading asset.  Most teams are capped out, so this is something only a couple of teams can offer.  If the Warriors used it right now, it would probably put them over the luxury tax.  You might see them wait to use it until the mid-season trading deadline.

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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