Who's Your Favorite Warrior now?

With the Departure of Jason Richardson, Troy Murphy, Mike Dunleavy, Ike Diogu, Zarko Cabarkapa and Adonal Foyle the 2007/08 Warriors roster is going to be full of players that we have little history with as fans.

Mickael Pietrus if he stays, would be the longest tenured Warrior, followed by Andris Biedrins. That's not a whole lot of time to bond.

So now that we have a Baron, Andris, MP and a bunch of guys who have been with this team 2 years or less, who is your favorite Warrior? Not just who is the best, but the guy you really pull for because you connect with him as a fan for whatever reason.

For me it was kind of a process of elimination and the criteria is pretty much a combination of three things:

  • Game (includes clutch)
  • Personality
  • Intangibles: Attitude/Sportsmanship/Back Story
  • Based on that, I came up with this:
    1. Andris: His game is rebounding, blocking/changing shots, scoring from really close and picking up a lot of ticky-tack fouls and the mouthing the words "C'mon man" to the refs. The thing that I like most about his game is that he knows his limitations and stays within himself. Personality and Attitude-wise, every interview I've heard he's been funny and humble. Perfect guy to root for. My new favorite Warrior.
    2. Matt Barnes. His game is doing a little of everything: scoring, rebounding, defending, handling, hitting the three.And I love the long arms in the passing lanes and he's prven to be clutch. He's also really funny in interviews. There was an interview with Fitz and Brooks where he clowned Baron's beard for a good two minutes. The back story is great too. He'd probably be my favorite if I thought he'd be around beyond next year.
    3. A distant 3-way tie for 3rd for various reasons:
  • I love almost everything about Stephen Jackson but his obsession with referees hurts the team. It  bothers me that he just can't prioritize the team or his teammates above complaining about every call or non-call.
  • Monta's laziness with the ball handling and his odd personality kind of put me off. But he is probably the most likely to be my next favorite if he can take better care of the ball.
  • Baron is an amazing basketball player. A pleasure to watch. He is a superstar. I'm glad he's on the Warriors. I just don't like his personality or his attitude. Personality-wise, I don't like the way he is charming and all smiles for TNT/ESPN but is cold and hurries for the FSN post-games. It says a lot that he cares so little about us, the local fans but is willing to turn on the charm for the national audience. The attitude thing is ongoing, but the game in Seattle during the 2005/06 season where he was getting outplayed by Luke Ridnour and Baron responded by shoving him and being a punk. I think this was also after Ridnour was selected for Team USA instead of Baron. That's just weak.
  • I'm sure everyone has their own reasons for why someone is his or her favorite Warriors player. My question for you now that we've had so much roster turnover is:

    Who is your favorite current Warriors' player/players and why? What is your criteria for a player being your favorite?

    This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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