GSoF: Week 1 Picks and Posts

Week 1 in the NFL is finally here and it has gotten off to an amazing start already! Who would have thought the Colts defense could shutdown the New Orleans Saints offense? (By the way, I got totally screwed in fantasy by Drew Brees. One day in and I have negative points.)

Every week, log on to BallHype and toss in your predictions for all of the NFL games for the week (Games > NFL). I will tally up the winners for the week and post them every Thursday as well as my picks for that week. Just make sure you're a member of the Golden State of Mind Community group on Ballhype. (It's an open group and Ballhype has free registration, so sign up!)

As some extra incentive to throw your thoughts and predictions for the weekly games, we here at GSoM have decided to toss in prizes to the people with the highest NFL picks score on Ballhype within the community.

The weekly winner will receive a free Baron Davis poster courtesy of our good friends at FSN Bay Area.

Put this on your wall of achievements!

At the end of all 17 weeks of the NFL regular season, the top 3 high scorers (minimum 15 games) will receive a GSoM T-Shirt Design of their choice + a pair of lowerbowl tickets to a Warriors game.

To prove that my division predictions aren't as absurd as some of you think they are, I will be hitting up my weekly picks here on the main page!

In the words of Young Joc - It's Goin Down!

Week 1 Matchup  
Broncos (0-0) @
Bills (0-0)
Jay Cutler gets his chance to shine
Steelers (0-0) @
Browns (0-0)
Eagles (0-0) @
Packers (0-0)
Bust out that Campbell's soup cause McNabb's gonna be servin' some fools!
Chiefs (0-0) @
Texans (0-0)
Schaub time baby!
Titans (0-0) @
Jaguars (0-0)
The Madden Curse begins.
Falcons (0-0) @
Vikings (0-0)
It's not that I have faith in Vikings, I just see no future for the Falcons.
Patriots (0-0) @
Jets (0-0)
The Moss will grow again!
Panthers (0-0) @
Rams (0-0)
Tough game but Steve Smith should 2 TDs against this mediocre defense.
Dolphins (0-0) @
Redskins (0-0)
Clinton's not playing and I'm not talking about Bill.
Bears (0-0) @
Chargers (0-0)
This is going to be a great game to watch. If LT can pull his average of 2 TDs a game, they'll take this one in.
Buccanneers (0-0) @
Seahawks (0-0)
Garcia time baby!
Ravens (0-0) @
Bengals (0-0)
Amazing Monday night game. Look to Carson and Ocho Cinco to pull this one off.


Golden State of Football
Lions (0-0) @
Raiders (0-0)
The Lions get to show off Calvin Johnson and his abilities. Lane Kiffin gets to show if he's going to be able to turn this team around. 8-8 begins!
Cardinals (0-0) @
49ers (0-0)
If Nate Clements can stop Larry Fitzgerald from getting his 100 yard average against the 49ers and Alex shows he's ready, this game will be all 49ers.

Who do you think is going to win this week's games?

Head on over to Ballhype and make your predictions.

Just like we do for Warriors games with Open Threads- if you have any thoughts during game day Sunday or during the two Monday night games post them here.

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