Brazilian Media Disrespecting the Warriors! Pathetic!

An article was posted on this Brazilian web site about the NBA (THE BIGGEST ONE...( yesterday making fun of our Warriors... I was so angry with it... Please I ask for all the GSOM crew to please take a minute and post a comment on the article (in English!!) to let them know we have proud and will not let them make fun of our beloved team! They were saying that there are no Warriors fan I the world... Lets show them how many we are!! Please guys help me on this one! Here's the translation to the article:

Kamikazes, Japanese pilots that fought in World War II. Generally young, without any experience in air piloting that were recruited to throw their planes against American boats knowing that they would die for their homeland. They became famous because of the simple question: "Why did the Kamikaze pilots wear helmets?". The helmets weren't an irony, they were simply a form of communication and yes, there were radio communication at that time, before some stupid asks...
Ok... Enough of history and War. Where does the NBA fit in the story? You might be asking yourself...
Simply, we have to think on the Western Conference, more precisely on the Pacific Division, a California team. Ok if you still didn't got this one... we are talking of the funny, scary, masters of run n gun, Golden State Warriors.
Why Kamikaze Warriors is a good question. If even after the historical explanation you didn't guess it, I'll explain it again.
Like all teams that play the run n gun style (translation for run n gun: always attack and f**k the defense), the attack is what counts for them. They are the second highest scoring team in the NBA, shoot a lot of threes, but then there's the part that originated the nickname (Kamikaze Warriors). They are the team that allows the most points per game in the NBA, they have only the 16th best FG percentage in the NBA and are the worst defensive rebounding team in the NBA. Are you really gonna tell me that you can't see any resemblance to the Japanese warriors? Kamikaze Warriors!
Let's analyze the team more deeply. First of all they have more foreigners than New Years Eve in Copacabana Beach: Mickael Pietrus, Kelenna Azubuike, Marco Belinelli, Andris Biedrins, Kosta Perovic. Alright, some of them almost don't play or are on the inactive list, but you gotta ask yourself, what's the team official language??
We also have the team captain and probably the most known player on the team: Guard Baron Davis. He's one of the league leaders in Assists this season, with an average of 8.0 APG. Do you really think this is good?? On the team he plays, he should be leading the league in that category. Well... the only thing he does is pass the ball to one of the crazy and stupid players shoot the ball. Even if it's from midcourt! Alright... sometime they make a layup or a dunk, but please, on a team like that, even I would lead the NBA in assists (the author is a woman...).
They also have the king behind their (absent) style of play, coach Don Nelson. He is so Kamikaze that he even lets players get 2, 3 or even 4 fouls and doesn't take them out of the game. He lets the player on the floor to see what happens. If it depended on him, a player would only leave the floor after a "hit the road jack" (6th foul).
Most of the coaches, after watching his players shoot a three with 20 seconds on the shot clock, without another player on the glass to get an offensive rebound, would go nuts, would kick the bench's chairs, or even enter the court and kick the players @sses. But Don Nelson always have to think that if he would do that every time someone does that, he would go crazy after each game. Second... he must be afraid to mess with the black gangstas of the team ( Staphen Jackson, Baron Davis... and so on...) and be shot on the forehead. And third, because he actually wants the team to shoot the ball. He should give the players a fish every time they do that, just like if the players were Sea World seals. We're talking about NBA, so instead of a fish he should give the gangstas a tattoo or a gold necklace, but he would be bankrupt right now.
I'll give a candy to the first one that tells me WTF Nelson draws on his  board during timeouts. A team like them...I doubt they have any drawn plays. He probably draws something like this: someone inbounds the ball to Baron Davis, he passes the ball to anyone who is open for a three and let's see what happens!
We can't forget to mention Oracle Arena, or would that be Miracle Arena? I've seen this team operate so many miracles playing there, that I can swear that they misspelled the arena's name. At home they have already beaten the Spurs, Lakers, Suns and Rockets when they were playing well.
When they beat the Heat at home this season, after being down by 18, I really got scared. When their shots begin to fall and the fans get into it, nobody can hold them, that Arena is the leagues biggest caldron!
Another question that always comes to mind... Why to use the 24 seconds shot clock in a Warriors game? They shoot the ball with 20, 15 seconds left on the shot clock! The day that this team is hit with a shot clock violation, I think that a tsunami will happen, a meteor will hit Earth or something like that will kill us all. If you ask the players what is that 24 in red above the basket they might answer: "Wow, I didn't even know that this thing existed!" Or something like this: " Oh.. I thought it was Rick Berry's retired jersey, but never understood why it's always on countdown!"
These Kamikaze guys still have a lot of work to do... If you ask the Warriors what they would like to become in years to come, they would answer: The Phoenix Suns. Think with me... their style of play is similar, the Suns are also full of international players, just throw in a Brazilian player and a bunch of real all star players and that's it!
Well, Kamikaze Warriors, a team to be feared and followed, I guarantee you that you will have good laughs watching their games. If you still don't believe they are for real, just ask Nowitzki and see what he has to say about the Warriors. He certainly still have nightmares with last season's playoff series between the two teams."

I don't know what do you guys think of the article... But I really thought that they disrespected the Warriors and the players calling them "black gangtas", "crazy", "stupid" and stuff like that. I think this cant happen, because there are a lot of Warriors fans in the world (including here in Brazil) and the article is very disrespectful to us all.
The worst thing is that the author doesn't know a thing about our team. She wrote a lot of wrong things that leads the readers to think that the Warriors are a bunch of clowns playing basketball with guns ready to shoot the first person that talks to them.
So please help me on this one and lets show them the ONE DUB, ONE LOVE spirit that we have!
Sorry for taking your time, but ATMA and Fantasy Junkie were talking the other day that they would love to know what other people around the globe think of the Warriors, so I thought it was posting a diary with this.
Thanks for reading and LETS GO WARRIORS!!

ps: to post you comment you have to enter this link: &ucat=52&pag=artigos

Then go to the lower section of the article and write you name where its written "Nome" and if you want write your email (its optional), then write your comment and click on "Adicionar Comentario" (add comment). Just that! Its easy and you will be showing the world that Yes! There are a lot of Warriors fans out there!!

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