OPEN THREAD - Warriors vs Nets


Don't look at me Chuck! Tony.psd dun done it.

monta fsn

And it's back by popular demand!

Warriors (W-L): 25-18

Nets (W-L): 18-23

Time: 7:30PM PST tip off


Vegas Odds: Golden State by 9 (source:

Counselor: "Hello everyone. Welcome; we're glad to see so many people come out tonight. I hope everyone has gotten a chance to grab some punch and Oreos; if not there's plenty left after the meeting. Let's get started though. I see a new face in the crowd. Perhaps you'd like to stand up and introduce yourself?"

Warriors: "Hey there everyone... To be honest, I'm not really sure what I'm doing here..."

Counselor: "You're in a safe place now. You're among friends. Go ahead. Tell us why you're here."

Warriors: "Um... okay... My name is The Golden State Warriors and I have developed serious inconsistencies in my game."

Group: (all together) "Hello Warriors!"

Warriors: "Oh... well hello there... wow, you're all so nice..."

Counselor: "Go on. It's okay. Make the Jump and tell us about your problem."

Warriors: "Well I guess you can say that it started at the beginning of the season. I mean, seriously, starting 0 and 6 will warp anyone, right? ...right? Well, to make a long story short, I felt as if I had moved past that part of my life! I put together a great win streak and slowly but surely I've been pulling farther and farther away from .500!"

Counselor: "So why is it that you think you're here?"

Warriors: "Well, that's the thing. I... I..."

Counselor: "Go on... Be strong... We can help you!"

Warriors: "I lost to Minnesota."

(Collective Gasp)

Counselor: "Oh... wow... um... really?"

Warriors: "Yea..."

Counselor: "Minnesota?"

Warriors: "Yea..."

Counselor: "Damn... You need help man..."

Warriors: "I know... and I don't have much time... I have to play New Jersey tonight..."

Counselor: "Oh wow. Jersey, huh? Yea we all heard what they did to you last time in the Meadowlands."

Warriors: "You did? Really? People were talking about that?!"

Counselor: "Oh no no no, it wasn't like that. I mean, they're actually somewhat of a force. You've got to contain Kidd, Jefferson, AND Carter tonight?! Didn't Vince nail that last minute 3 pointer that killed you guys last time?!"

Warriors: "Yea, he did... but I mean, I feel pretty good about tonight. Sure I'm a little dejected about losing to the Wolves, but I really think that I can use my shame to fuel me tonight. I made a lot of stupid mistakes against the Nets last time around that could have been prevented."

Counselor: "And what makes you think that you can prevent those mistakes tonight?"

Warriors: "Oh that's easy. Nellie will kill me."

Counselor: "Like he'll be upset?"

Warriors: "No man. He'll kill me. Kill me dead. That fool is crazy."

Counselor: "Looks like you better win tonight."

Warriors: "No doubt."

Counselor: "Well good luck out there. And don't be intimidated by the fact that you will be on national TV tonight."

Warriors: "Wait, WHAT?!"

Counselor: "Well looks like we're out of time this week! Let's all wish the Warriors good luck tonight!"

Group: (all together) "Good luck Warriors!

Warriors: "National TV? What?! Wait a minute!"

* Barkley wears his We Believe shirt.
* Baron lights up the floor with 25+ points and 7+ assists
* Beans nails his standard double-double
* Beans uses 2 bottles of gel.
* Kidd gets a single double
* Warriors by 6.

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