GSoM Ticket Contest: You be the DJ (not Mbenga)!

Start your 2008 party off right!

It's time to ring in the new year with another GSoM Ticket Giveaway!  The winner of this edition's GSoM Ticket Giveaway contest will be awarded a pair of tickets to the Warriors vs. Spurs engagement this coming Monday, January 7th.   Where exactly will you be sitting if you win?  Section 109!

To find out how to win these tickets, read more!

Mini-essay question:  

If you were the dj for a Warrior game, what 5 songs would you have to play AND why?  


Before your fingers begin typing away at the keyboard, please read the blurb below to get a sense of what we expect in your answers.  

The other night I was at a friend's holiday party and the host, a local dj at a few bar/lounges around Oakland, made a mixcd of 90s dance music to set the mood to our 20 person white elephant extravaganza.  The music, corny as all hell, consisted of some "La Bouche," Ace of Base, and the Mortal Kombat theme music to name a few; oddly, more than 5 people at the party said "I feel like it's a time out at a Warrior game and Thunder should be here clapping his hands or doing handstands for us."  As entertaining as the music might be at the game for it's hi-NRG feeling,  isn't Jock Jams vol i. and ii a little outdated as far as stadium music goes?  In an area with its unique storied history of funk, psychadelic rock, punk, and hip-hop scenes, wouldn't this sound better than the Real McCoy throughout the game?  And does 90s dance music even get fans pumped up?  

So, if you were the dj and had the opportunity to select the music, what 5 songs would you play and what would be the logic for each selection.  Worth considering is the music for certain critical junctures during the game (halftime, timeouts, timeout where Warriors' lead is dwindling, timeout where the Warriors are blowing a team out or getting blown out, music for Warrior girl exhibitions, end of game, etc. etc....).  How might these conditions shape what music ought to be played?  How might your music make the experience, "a great time out!"

A highly select and in tune panel of music connoisseurs and audiophiles from the GSoM Crew (Adam, Atma Brother #1, Dj Fuzzylogic, Fantasy Junkie, Hash, R Dizzle, Tony.psd and Yaobuttaming) will pick the top response and award the lowerbowl tickets for Monday's Spurs game.

Be creative!  Mini-essays will be judged based on depth, detail, and thoughtfulness of their entry and logic to the soundscape they have created for the game.  Feel free to draw from a wide range of musical genres and even across generations.  

Additional rules:

Minimum 5 songs and AT LEAST 250 words (more songs and more words does not necessarily mean a better chance at winning).

Must have complete sentences.  

Introduction recommended

Deadline:  Entries must be timestamped by SATURDAY January 5th, 12pm!  The judges need ample time to read entries carefully and to deliberate over the winner.  

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