GSoF: Wild Card Weekend

The Road to the Super Bowl begins!

The Titans managed to claim the final AFC spot with their win over the Colts last week. Peyton Manning and the rest of the starters had limited action so it was all left to backup QB Jim Sorgi to try to keep the Titans out of the playoff picture. Early in the third quarter, Vince Young took a huge hit to his quads and was taken out of the game. Somehow, Kerry Collins (remember him?) kept the game in the Titans hands. Poor Browns...

Who would have thought the Redskins would claim that last NFC spot? After going 5-3 to start the season, they lost 4 straight to fall to 5-7. Now, they're 9-7 and the 6th seed in the NFC. Although the Cowboys rested their starters last week and basically handed the `Skins the W, the Redskins are still a team to fear. Perhaps #21 is still with them...

Make the jump to see my Wild Card Weekend predictions!

Wild Card Matchups - AFC  
Tennessee Titans @
San Diego Chargers
The Chargers on on fire and if they follow the simple plan of give LT to the ball they will rock the Titans. Vince Young is listed as game time decision but I'm about 95% sure he'll at least take one snap - he wants this playoff game too much.
Jacksonville Jaguars @
Pittsburgh Steelers
Remember a few weeks ago when the Jags went to Pittsburgh and dominated the Steelers in the snow? Now the Steelers don't even have Willie Parker...this could get ugly for the Steelers real quick!
Wild Card Matchups - NFC  
New York Giants @
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Those final two regular season losses are meaningless - Garcia and the Bucs are a force to be reckon with. A well rested 37 year old QB is much more valuable than a beat up 37 year old QB. But let's look at this way - Garcia has taken three different teams to the playoffs in the last 6 years - the 49ers, the Eagles, and now the Bucs. All of those three have had at least one win in the playoffs - all against the Giants, Call me superstitious but...
Washington Redskins @
Seattle Seahawks
There's too much fire in the Redskins to put them out this early. I don't care what the numbers or Chris Berman (he predicts the Seahawks and Patriots in the Super Bowl) say, the Seahawks are too mediocre to get anywhere in the playoffs. Clinton Portis is back to putting up stellar numbers, Todd Collins is playing like he's life is dependent on it, and their defense is just looking too good. Go `Skins!

What are your thoughts and predictions about Wild Card Weekend?

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