OPEN THREAD: Game 35 - Spurs @ Warriors


Warriors (W-L): 19-15
Spurs (W-L): 23-9
TV: NBA TV, FSN Bay Area
Radio: KNBR 680

Using 8Monta's apt metaphor for the recent stormy weather in the bay to talk about the arrival of the CJ Watson, aka the Quiet Storm, I will then resignify that to talk about the Warriors 2 game skid, which is stormy as well.  Lets hope the new personnel changes can give us a good nights sleep "between the sheets" after the game against the Spurs.  

The Warriors are still searching for that elusive 20th win after getting exposed against two top tier teams of the Westcoast conference.  The Hornets and Mavs games brought back memories, for me at least, of the the Warriors-Jazz playoff series, where it looked like a Junior Varsity team vs. the Varsity Squad.  We don't need to rehash what's already been said, but these teams were just, in the words of Daft Punk, 'harder, better, faster, stronger.'  And pretty much at all positions.  

The Warriors are a crafty team that needs to learn to adjust and exploit team weakness; though, we've looked more like a one trick pony more than anything recently.  Either that or we're regressing to the novelty of the NBA, where Nelson's game of defying basketball conventions that "size doesn't matter" (try telling that to the ladies...) is actually exposing some of our greatest weaknesses (size, muscle, and defense) than becoming a real advantage on either end of the floor.  

The Spurs are coming full force, though somewhat wobbly, with Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili both suffering injuries in recent games.  The Warriors did a solid job containing the Duncan-less Spurs last time they met.  The keys to the game will be staying in front of Parker and keeping him out of the key.  Lets hope Monta and Baron can keep up with him.  A match-up on the court that will be worth checking out is who will get more flop calls: Monta or Manu?  

This is the Warriors longest losing streak since opening up the season.  Lets hope they put an end to this before it spirals out of control like the Warriors have the last two years around this 25-30 game mark.  


* Warriors by 5
* Matt Bonner is FINALLY contained...only because he doesn't play since Duncan is back.
* Harrington continues to be offensively efficient: 21 points in ONLY 22 minutes of play.
* Brandan Wright plays 8 minutes
* Quiet Storm sings some smooth RNB at the end of the game, sending folks off feeling romantic.  What a way to end a win!

Can the Warriors end their losing streak tonight?  What are your thoughts?  Let us know how you're feeling in the comments!

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