First game is PRIME EXAMPLE why I cant stand Don Nelson

I know some will say that the Warriors played a close game against one of the supreme teams in the NBA, but I saw the same overshadowing problem from last year.

That problem is not the players (though I'm sick of Harrington two years ago), but coach Nelson himself. Honestly, why are people supporting this man so hard? He has brought the Warriors to a competitive level, but I ponder why there always seems to be a large roadblock in-front anytime there is a chance for a win like tonight. Again, I KNOW THEY WERE IN THE GAME TILL THE END!!!, but Coach Nelson played 7 players (Watson does not count). THREE played 40+ minutes, FIVE total about 30+ minutes! mistakes happen with fatigue, and that is what cost the game in the end.

Before the possession where the Warriors turned the ball over on a simple inbounds with a chance to win, I said to my dad "they usually don't even get a shot off at these moments" and look what happened. Nelson did his team in way before that moment due to tiring them out up to that play. Yet the Warriors still had a shot to tie and what did they do???? the same ANNOYING play they did too many times last year....get the ball to AL HARRINGTON!! He is the last one I want to shoot, I'm sorry but that should NOT be his play. Again, BAD coaching, STUBBORN coaching.

My thing with Nelson is that he talks a good game, but he does not have the GUTS to expand his teams options. He sticks to what he feels comfortable and safe regardless if other options may pay greater results and be more logical. He refuses to step up and ever take responsibility for poorly coached games and he refuses to open his mind to what seems like common sense by now. What I am getting at is this:

- A few minutes for Marco to get some shots up and get us some points when we are running on a dry spell (We drafted him for his shooting right?). Marco’s gift is shooting, point-blank-period! Use him when there is a scoring drought. A couple threes would have helped tonight in certain points in the game like at the end of the first half where we gave up an 11 point lead (dry spell) and at the end of the game (AL Harrington???!!)

- A few minutes for B Wright and A Randolph for rebounding, aggressiveness, shot blocking, athleticism, FRESH LEGS giving time for the starters to catch their breath. We know Wright and Randolph are LONG and jump out the gym, they have a nose for the ball and make up a lot of ground on the court (I have always tried to point out Harrington, Biedrins and Jackson are “Bottom Heavy” players who are not jumpy NBA athletic). Wright and Randolph are momentum changing players at the very LEAST right now, and in a game where bodies are tired and need a rest or boost, fitting these two in for a spell make the greatest sense in the world!

- Draw some plays to get the offense moving around while in half court (something I thought would happen with B Diddy out, but no, still stagnate). This is a major factor that allows this team to get into those COMMON scoreless sprees and lose those leads FAST! Being stagnate leads to no flow to your game, allows the other team to rest and catch up to you and then leads to a loss, plain and simple.

These are all simple and also "common sense" points, yet coach Nelson seems too stuck in his ways to incorporate anything else but gutless, cancer-like game tactics that do nothing else but lead to 5-7 worn out players, 8 other players with DNP's and wasted resources and another missed shot by Al Harrington.

I still love my Warriors, but I feel as a loyal fan, the Warriors are not going to excel in any fashion with this coaches fake talk, spineless actions and stubborn attitude.

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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