Opening Night & Shot Selection!

First and foremost, just got back from a great game and I was very pleasantly surprised. Unfortunately we lost, but from what I saw, if the Hornets are one of the top teams in the West, then I am feeling REAL good right now.

The fellas clearly have not gel'ed yet, but overall pretty impressed. We didnt see any of the young guns apart for Demarcus who I think just got a rude awakening to the difference of the NBA.

Ronny looked superb  and I really liked the presence we had with Andris and Ronny on the court at the same time. Magette I thought was awesom from the line and needs to teach his teamates how to shoot a free throw.

Still not convinced about Jack at the 1 and it really looked like we need an Ellis style player right now. That said.....when he comes back, the squad is going to know each other a whole lot better and I really feel very good about us making some upsets!

Unfortunately the Hornets were raining three's tonight and West was simply first class tonight.

Despite all this we end up just one point down 103-104 with 14 seconds on the clock and the Hornets in foul trouble.......

Is it just me, or did LOGIC at this point go completely out the window??????

Here's a couple of choices; Maybe give it to Jack, run the clock down and hit a great pressure shot? Or better still, give it to the guy we know can drive hard to the rim and draw a foul and maybe make the basket and the extra...STEP FORWARD MR MAGETTE.....

OR..... we could send on the the most crucial point of the game and tell him drive hard down the lane, to move away, look for a shot, not see it, or a teamate and instead throw it at a Hornet and maybe if we are lucky he wont catch it but it bounces off him and we get the ball again.....

Yep you guessed it.....we went for the last option! WTF?????????

I know I have no credentials to question Mr Nelson, but seriously.....what the hell was that? We could not then inbound the ball to a decent shot, put up a lame effort and that was pretty much it when we had to foul them and they didnt miss. Time for one last 3 point play and it was horrible, thus game over.

We SHOULD have walked away with a fantastic victory tonight and I really want to know whose bright idea it was to give the ball to Demarcus at such a critical stage of the game? No disrespect to the kid he did very well, but this was a terrible call by the coaches. I am not even going to go into the "usual" display from the refs!

So overall, very disappointed we did not steal what would have been a stunning victory, but also not too down, as considering how early it is in the season, this was good to see! We clearly went for the win toniht, atmosphere was good and just came up short, will this be the story for the year?????

We'll see.....

PS - I think we should petition to get "Ironman" as our new mascot!!!! We were in need of something tonight!






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