Warriors on the Web (10/03/08)

Gotta love these interviews the Warriors put up on YouTube. It's like being part of the media without having to be in Oakland.


A New Day, A New Nelson Answer
Adam Lauridsen, Fast Break

Only a few months away from Nelson’s mind games, yet we’re so easily sucked back in.  With a week of training camp in the books, Nelson has suggested that half the roster might have a shot at the starting point guard spot, given every conflicting signal possible on his intentions for the youngsters, and managed to find new and creative ways not to answer the lingering questions about Monta Ellis.  The first exhibition game on Sunday should give us a much-needed dose of reality.  Until then, a few facts to kick around:


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Warriors Previews

Hollinger's Team Forecast: Golden State Warriors
John Hollinger, ESPN

Before Ellis mangled his leg, I was very much on the Warriors' bandwagon and thought they might win 50 games. Effectively trading Davis for Maggette is much less of a drop-off than people might think, while a potential breakout by Wright -- who played extremely well in his few chances last year -- could offer a big upgrade at the power forward spot.

Throw in the type of year-to-year improvement one might expect from such a young roster -- only three players are older than 25 -- and the fact that you should never, ever bet against Don Nelson when he's an underdog, and it seemed possible the Warriors could match or exceed their record of a year earlier even without Davis.


Warriors Team Report

With Baron Davis gone, Monta Ellis out as long as two months, the Warriors unable to transfer into the Eastern Conference and Don Nelson in the final year of his contract, there’s really just one question left unanswered about Golden State’s 2008-09 season: Who will be the team’s coach in 2009-10?

The early favorite is current Nelson assistant Keith Smart. In fact, he’s such an obvious choice, you have to wonder: Why haven’t the Warriors made it official yet?


The Rook: Anthony Randolph Shining Bright

Confident Randolph Giving Warriors a Good First Impression
Janny Hu, SF Chronicle

As Stephen Jackson caught his breath during 1-on-1 drills this week, Anthony Randolph showed off the benefits of youth. Left alone in the open court, Randolph threw a pass to himself off the backboard and finished with a two-handed dunk.

So what if it was just conditioning work. Randolph was still going to get his.

"He's definitely raw, but I like his attitude," Jackson said. "He doesn't back down. He feels like he's an All-Star right now, not in a cocky sense, but he's confident."

Not since Monta Ellis has there been a Warriors' rookie who exudes such swagger. As one team official put it, Randolph steps onto the court acting as if he not only belongs in the NBA, but is the best player out there.


Randolph's Got a Little Something to His Game
Matt Steinmetz, Golden State Warriors Examiner

I don’t know how good Anthony Randolph is going to be, but he sure has a chance. It’s obvious watching him on the court that he’s different from all the other players.

He’s got a first-rate skill level and a presence that suggests anything but first-year.


More PG News and Analysis

Our Starting PG is...
Marcus Thompson II, Inside the Warriors

C.J. Watson!
You know I like C.J’s game. But if he is the starting PG, the Warriors are done. Nonetheless, Nellie said it’s his job to lose at this point. Watson has the advantage of knowing the offense and being quicker than Williams. Of course, we’ve heard Nellie’s early prognostications before. Remember Belinelli was looking like the starting off guard two summers ago?


Warriors Notes: Jackson Could Move to Point Guard

"He'll have to play a little differently than a normal point guard, but I think he can do it," Nelson said of Jackson, who already handles the ball regularly.

"Jack's confident about everything in life, so that's not a problem. It's up to me to judge physically if he can do it on the floor and if it's a positive for our team."


Warriors New Big Man Turiaf is All Heart
Mark Emmons, Mercury News

The original, which cardiovascular specialist Dr. Craig Miller at Stanford Medical Center implanted to repair an enlarged aortic root three years ago, did more than save Turiaf's basketball career.

It probably saved his life.

There is irony, of course, that a man who shows so much heart on the basketball court was in danger of having his real one fail. Turiaf, 25, is a player of relentless hustle and passion whose importance to a team cannot be measured by statistics alone. And if the Warriors are to overcome the absence of Monta Ellis for at least the first part of the season, Turiaf will need to make a big contribution.


Refs Report Only Donaghy Committed Crimes
Brian Mahoney, AP

"We will be up there with the very best. No one will have a better system than we do," Stern said on a conference call. "But all of that said, to the idea that, you know, criminal activity will exist every place else in the world except in sports is just something that we can't guarantee. But we're going to have the most effective possible system that's ever been devised."


Last but not least, had to give a shameless plug to the Matt Steinmetz ranking of Warrior blogs. Guess who was #1? Us. GSOM. Just as Ball Don't Lie did a few days ago, they ranked us #1. Couldn't have done it without all of you and those who read the site and helped us out from the beginning. It's been fun.

The 10 Best Golden State Warriors Blogs and Websites 1-5, 6-10
Matt Steinmetz, Golden State Warriors Examiner

Probably the most known of the Warriors’ blogs, Golden State of Mind is now part of SB Nation, which appears to be part of a larger blog conglomerate. We’re not sure if that corrupts the true definition of "blog," but we don’t really care.

And, of course, sites that link to my stuff here at Examiner.com have a subtle edge on this list.

But that edge is nullified when a site hasn’t changed the link from a now-defunct "reporter’s notebook" site to the current one at this URL.

In 2007-08, GSOM was the "go-to guy of Warriors blogs." We'll see how it handles the pressure of that label this season.

Player comparison: Kevin Garnett

And I just changed that link Matt.



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