Harrington Trade Possibilities [updated 11/1]

I. Potential Trades with confirmed sources:

1. Harrington for Curry:

But the length of Curry's stay could be brief. The Knicks are one of several teams that have contacted the Golden State Warriors about disgruntled forward Al Harrington, though the Warriors are said to be more interested in a package built around David Lee (16 points, 11 rebounds, 5 assists against the Heat).

One source told that Golden State's best offers were coming from two Western Conference rivals, but that management would prefer to ship him to the East. A straight up Curry-for-Harrington deal would appear to fill needs for both clubs, although Golden State would be taking on an extra year of salary and making a risky investment in a player viewed by many around the league as too undriven emotionally to ever be an impact player on a contending team.

ESPN's Daily Dime

Notes: Honestly? I don't know much about Curry besides his nickname was Babyshaq, he has a heart condition, and that he's out of shape. could he fit into our system? How would we use him? Off the bench? He doesn't play any D and doesn't get any boards -_- For someone who's 6"11, 290+ pounds, thats a travesty.


2. Harrington for Jamal Tinsley

The Pacers are among the teams, sayeth NBA front-office sources, with interest in trading for Golden State's Al Harrington, who went public this week with a request to be traded that he's been voicing privately to the Warriors for about eight months, according to one informed estimate.

Sources say, however, that Harrington is rooting for a different destination, less than thrilled with the idea of a third stint in Indiana. I'm told that the Warriors, furthermore, are highly unlikely to consider taking on Jamaal Tinsley, no matter how much they need a veteran point guard after losing Baron Davis in free agency.

Although there's suddenly considerable chatter around the league about Harrington -- who can play multiple positions, shoot with range and carries a contract with only this season and next season to go at a sum of $19.2 million -- it doesn't appear that Golden State is in any rush to part with him. Yet.

Our own Chris Sheridan reported earlier this week that New York is seriously interested as well. That shouldn't be too surprising given that Harrington, as another team executive notes, certainly looks like "Mike's kind of power forward," referring to new Knicks coach Mike D'Antoni. The Warriors, though, are understandably uninterested in the players New York wants to peddle: Eddy Curry and, of course, Stephon Marbury.

ESPN Weekend Dime

Notes: Well, firstly the salaries don't match, so we'd have to add another player. As for Tinsely... he reminds me of a fatter, less motivated Baron Davis. Similar offensive deficiencies in terms of laziness. Similarly gifted in handling and passing/seeing the floor. SImilarily selfish and similar character issues. Baron, when motivated, is just a much more powerful force going to the rim than tinsley.

Still, something has to be said for a kid who racked up 23 assists a game as a rookie.

Jamaal Tinsley 45 6 15 .400 0 1 .000 7 8 .875 2 9 11 23 1 1 5 2 19


What do you guys think?

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