Harrington, Marco and Bukie..

I am so sick of ignorant  comments but atthe same time i do love the enthusiasm. For those of you who dont understand the economics of NBA basketball please refrain from making fantasy trade purposals for other to comment on. In regards to Harrington, Marco, and KAZ it is so simple i dont know why the people who are getting paid to handle business cannot figure it out.

A) salary DUMP Al aka TMNT(whoever came up that one, kudos!!)  for an expiring. we really dont need a damn thing in retun as far a player goes. watching us manage without a true PG gives me full confidence we'll be fine when monta comes back even if he never averages 10apg.

B) trade bellinelli for the lottery protected pick we gave NJ(or another teams lottey protected pick will do), package him w/harrington for something sweeter to any taker. like swift, hassell and swilliams would be realistic. dont want hassell and his 4 mil next year but he make this work rather than a disgruntled ninja turtle!

C) Keep KAZ right where the hell he is. you people who think this man is expendable are retarded. as far as him, ronny, and sjax. WE ARE STEALING them based off the returns for our dollar. UNLESS we are getting a bonafide star in his prime they stay here!! 3 million for bukie, 4 for ronny (more valuable for the intagibles he brings to our team that got for for years on the inside).

the cap is close to 60 mill and a roster of 15 people. it dont get ANY better than bukies 3 million unless your talking about a rookie contracts from the likes of mr. CPaul himself. I wasnt for giving sjax an extension b4 the start of the season but after watching his leadership and composure and the fact that he's got a vets game that isnt based off raw athleticism. pay him around 10 mill. hes still naturally #2 on the pecking order of things but i love his game as long as he can continually work on his shot selection.

personal wishes even if unwarranted:

please give marcus a fairshot, regardless of underachievement in practice and issues about his defense. his assists per minute will be worth it with a decent 3pt shot.

play a.randolph more, more, more! saw this guy in summer league and he is lamar odom re-encarnated. and looks to be more agressive. will be a crazy mismatch when he works his growning pains worked out and adds 15lbs of muscle!!

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