why one shouldn't be a warriors fan

I remember the year AFTER the warriors beat the mavericks. Everyone in the bay was hyped. for good reason. But the basic climate was that THIS year they would go deep into the playoffs and ascend to one of the west elite. 

i laughed in the face of my brother and cousins. oh silly you. dont you know who your rooting for? its the Warriors! for god sake!. you are talking about an organization that has never won anything in its entire existence of anything. 

I am going to tell you why if you root for the warriors you a worthless as a human being. in fact, you are not a human being and everything about you is a joke. 

Here is why: what is the one constant through all the horrible times of warrior history? countless stars have gone through, countless coaches, countless gm's. how many times have saviors come around? the latest were chris mullin and baron davis. You see unlike the clippers and the bucks GS has actually managed to draft really good players. the problem is that it can't HOLD on to them, or really, is unwilling to hold on to them. ask your self that question seriously, who is in charge of contract extensions and has been the one constant through all the misery??? 

the ownership! 

Choosing pj carlisimo who now coaches kevin durant into oblivion over latrell sprewell who goes on to lead his team to the finals was a smooth decision, letting go of c-webb was heartwarming, signing adonyle foyle instead of gilbert arenas was really really smart, and now finally watching the player that brought them back from like 50 straight non-playoff appearances and got the "die-hard" fans to suddenly start being die-hard again/all-of-a-sudden go to the clippers cause you did not want to give him 2 extra years that he wanted was tremendous. 

when you get talent and dont resign them, when you change coaches and gm's a billion times over and the problem is the Ownership. 

This is when you bail as fan. you see a die-hard fan, a die-hard fan who is a human-being, stays through the tuff times, the tuff times being when a team doesn't have talent, or even a bad coach, or even worse a bad gm. but when the OWNERSHIP is bad, you bail. you start rooting for the Sacremento kings, who are gonna come back cause they got good OWNERSHIP but just young talent, you start rooting for the blazers even if they are the jailblazers, cause THEY got a good gm and good ownership. You see real franchises are able be elite contenders every ten years or so (like the blazers) and the great franchises the ones that everyone should be a fan of are elite every five years or so. You know like the one in l.a..... all the rest of the franchises lead by the warriors, clippers, memphis, the bucks, new jersey, okc (pretty soon), the cavs will never attract free-agents, will never get enough draft picks to stay, and if they ever do the draft picks will just get injured or something really bad will happen... well cause they are just that kind of team. 

All those teams should be scrapped and their players given to real teams so that every team will be more talented. kind of like the 80's. 

If you are still a warriors fan everything about you is a joke. you live in a fantasy world. you live in a world where you still get to be a kid and believe in santa. You all have dreary jobs with loser fat girlfriends and THIS is the only thing that keeps you sane. you ask your friend... "shes pretty, right?" 

Im telling you. wash your hands of the franchise and come back when they sell the team richard riordon and he moves the team to the city. 

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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