Future encounters of a Curry flavor

Curry is the answer.


Not only with food, but for the Dubs.


A nice, steaming spicy hot dish of Curry.


Chances are, if you follow college basketball even a little, you've probably already heard of Steph Curry from last year's tournament. He's a pretty known name. He's also the coming savior for our franchise.


I was reminded of him from the story of Davidson's latest win. Curry was held to 0 points, after going for 44, 30, and 39 the previous three games. More on this later.


Now, it's not sure if he's going to declare this year for the draft. He's 20 now and a junior. If you look at him, he isn't fully into his body yet, but from what the Internet says, his stock might not rise much higher than what he's at now. This will be perfect for the Warriors.


Realistically, I think the Ws will finish right at .500, give or take one or two games. This would put us anywhere from 13-19 in the draft. Currently, that's where Curry is projected. Unless he shoots way up, he'll be in our range.


I'm sorry, but the way I see it, the Warriors are a mess! I love the pieces we have on this team, but really, the way it's being managed is a tragedy in the making.


We have Mullin, getting us young talent and clearing cap space for us.

We have owernship, willing to spend money, but seemingly wanting superior authority over Mullin over financial decisions.

We have Nelly, who wants to implement the system here, but, as it's now blatantaly obvious, can only do so with veterans that already have defined roles. He's truly useless in developing young guys. Nelly is in it to win, and that's great. On a team with a superstar, he can do it. The Warriors have no current superstar.

The thing is a mess. But it can be fixed, and S.Curry is our answer. Let me get into detail, allow me some freedom.


Depending on where he's projected on going, we can either trade up or trade down in the draft to secure a lock on Curry. A deal with Marco, Marcus Williams, C.J Watson or Ronny Turiaf. This roster needs to be trimmed.


2010 is the year the NBA will take it's next major turn. The Lebrons and Wades and Boshs, you've heard the stories. Hey, if the Warriors can pull it off, who needs Curry, WE GET LEBRON! But for some gut feeling, I don't know if we have much of a chance there. We need to build our own thing here.


Now, I haven't really explained why I like Curry. He's got the raw talent, he's got the bloodlines of sports. The shot or the game isn't the most jaw-dropping, but it's fundamentally rock solid. Shooting percentages close to 50% from field goal and 3pt will translate solidly to the NBA. Most of all, if you see in those clips, he's got the killer instinct, the ability to take over the game, but understanding when to turn on the panic button and flip it to over-drive. The game today where he was held to 0, I realized too that he's fundamentally solid in his understanding of how to make the team win. Double-teamed the whole game, he simply passed it out to his 4 teammates to take on the remaining 3. It went from minute 0 to minute 48, and he took 3 shots. This is a guy that averaged 40 ppg his last 3. He's got the mindset.


Now, he's small, and he will never be enough for the shooting guard. Luckily, we have Monta. I sincerely hope that Monta learns wisely from his injury, and I hope this translates into maybe a slight notch less in speed, and a slight notch up in kill-mode. You watch the top players in basketball, you realize that their games settle into a groove, never too fast but just enough. I think Monta can become a player like this easily. If he can do this, I think he will become a solid 2 guard, even at 6'3".


Stick Curry at PG, another 6'3". A small back court, but I venture to say a potentially DEADLY combo. Honestly, Curry is a guy I trust can make the change from being a 2 guard to handling responsibilities as a point guard. I can't say the same about Monta. His game is more defined for lethal than structured.

Now, I wouldn't think this would be a wise idea, if we didn't have 3 darn long arm FREAKS on our team, talking of course about Biedrins, Wright, and Randolph. None of them can be considered as 7 footers, but they sure as hell have those wingspans to surpass that. I think this is the way to go. If the Warriors want to run and gun, THIS is how they need to do it.


Essentially, this is the lineup I'm envisioning by D-Season.

PG - Stephen Curry

SG - Monta Ellis

SF - Anthony Randolph

PF - Brandan Wright

C - Andris Biedrins


Pardon me, but this line-up makes me SALIVATE.


In 2 years, these are the ages of these guys in order: 22-25-21-23-24


Put two and two together. We're talking a possible dynasty in the making. I wouldn't be so outlandish in my expectations if these 5 haven't shown flashes of potential stardom. This is why we have them on the team, minus Curry of course.


Now, this is all depending on so much going right, and the current state of the Warriors makes me very bleak in my hopes that they can do something like this. When I think of this line-up, I'm thinking of how Don Nelson will run this offense. Ownership needs to get off their high horses and allow Mullin to do what he does best, giving him funding that they seem to clearly have. Mullin understands players, and he understands how a team should run. He could use some financial talking-to, but he can get the right kind of players.

If Nelson is allowed free reign with these guys, and if he actually decides to stick on, this team will run and shoot like no other. Get rid of S-Jax. Get rid of the little pieces. From our current roster, Crawford and Maggete would be solid 6th and 7th men off the bench, providing veteran leadership, size, and scoring. I really want to see R. Hendrix get a chance. I'm cool with Turiaf, but Hendrix could be a similar guy at a cheaper cost. Keep Azubuike or Morrow, both guys that have some serious game, but lack the serious tenacity to take over games.





I started talking about Stephen Curry, but really, this is more about me dreaming about "What the Warriors would do if they actually weren't the Warriors." Disappointing loss yesterday to Washington, makes you realize how much of a shambles we are. One year of playoffs doesn't chase away the ghosts of 15 seasons past. I love my Warriors, and I long to see them do well. Allow me my rambling.




This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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