Warriors fire defensive co-ordinator?

Well...surely that could be the news headline if we had an American Football style coaching system. But here is my question; I know Moncrief works with the guys on shooting, but WHO out of the coaches is responsible for Defense plays? because right now THEY, not Nellie, are doing a terrible job right now and NEED TO BE FIRED.

For too many games now, there has been a clear undersanding by anyone with any basketball experience, or not, that when the Warriors "MOVE THE BALL", we have the offensive weapons to beat anyone, including the World Champs.

However... what has become painfully clear in recent games is the fact that as soon as the ball stops moving we become a very ugly team offensively, we just dont have the likes of Lebron or Kobe that have a consistency to their shots, therefore unless we create the open space with ball movement, in pressure shot situations we often come up short.

If therefore this is so painstakingly obvious, why the hell do we stop moving the ball?????? If the coaches really have that little control over their players, this club needs to start hitting the players with bigger penalties (i.e. in their pocket) to let them know who the hell is running this show.

So that takes me back to the coaching line up. Someone must be responsible for our defensive co-ordination and I want to know who,as they truly need to be fired! This is the NBA and of late in every game where we suddenly lose a bucket of points it is for the following reasons:

1: Boxing Out - Just is not happening at all! Every freakin night I see Andris, Ronny, Anthony, Branden et al, ALL jumping "STRAIGHT UP" in a height contest, IN THE PAINT!!!!!!!! I think I have seen Ronny use his butt once in bouncing a player out letting them know "Get the hell out of this area, this is mine". There is simply no aggression on our defense. I want to see gnarled teeth, wide elbows, people getting bounced, the occasional clip in the face elbow and HUGE in your face aggression when a block is made. Show some intimidation to the attacker and maybe just maybe, you start to look like the very name on your shirt! I.E. A WARRIOR!!!!!!!!!

2: Game IQ - An offensive shot goes up and more often than not 1, 2 or even at worst 3 players have turned and begin heading down court for the fast break, before the shot has even gone in? WTF is that all about? That is high school basketball at its worst, this is meant to be the NBA!!!!!!!!!??????!!!!! I want to see "1" maximum going away for the outlet and "4" other bodies boxing out and looking for the rebound.

3: The inbound ball - Once we have lost a bucket, how many times do we see either Andris or Ronny getting the ball from the official and EVERYONE else has turned away running up court. !!!!!!!!!!!!! Ball handler, Mr Crawford should help here and I think he is normally the one to bring it up now, but this should be second nature, not leaving someone under the basket with no-one to pass to! Currently it seems we have players deciding on court at that moment "Oh well I guess I will take it, if no one else will".

4: Richard Hendrix - Did we not get this guy to be a big presence? Hendrix built his reputation on being a bruiser and right now I would take Hendrix to add some muscle defensively than Kurz anyday. I dont want Hendrix to shoot well, I want him to be a Rodman style player, that when we go 10 points up, he comes on and stops any counter attack by playing huge aggresive D for the minutes he is required to steady the ship. As currently it seems the moment we go 10 points up. The opposing team takes a time out, reorganizes, see's where we are weak and comes straight back and hurts us. Hendrix from what I have seen, is not going to let anyone come past him without a fight! RIGHT NOW I WANT SOME "F-ING" FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes offensively we have weapons, but Defensively we are becoming the worst team in the NBA if we are not already and considering the sheer athletic shot blocking capability and reach we currently have, that is an absolute disgrace!

As far as I can see, this cannot be purely laid at Nellies door, yes ultimately the buck stops with him, but there are a lot of coaches on this team who are failing miserably at the moment and NEED TO BE FIRED!

Finally, I just want to say to whoever it was who questioned my thoughts on player mindset, Did you see Harrington in New York? He had a point to prove, had his fire up and was ready to stick it to anyone in a Warriors jersey, to prove a point to Nelson. Now, again I have zero respect for Al and his "back injury" and his behaviour, but it does make me question what Nellie actually does to players to get them so down mentally? When clearly the ability was/is there.

Vent over, but after that road trip and as per previous advice (Thank You Olympic Mike!) I have thought about my own thoughts post events and deided to air my views for whatever people think they are worth. if nothing else I feel better for it! :-)

Lets pray we get back to what we do best and run and gun the Heat, with Morrow on Fire and evn just 10% better performance on "D" as a start to get back the momentum we started to build.




This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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