How do the W's improve the salary cap situation?

So, I have been torn between writing another post to throw on the heap of bitching, moaning, condemning posts or writing some forward looking post, like so many members suggest as they complain about the people who...complain.

Luckily, I didn't have to decide (it takes me half an hour  to pick which 6 pack I want at BevMo so deciding is not a strength of mine). I found a great way to combine both urges that I think we all have as W's fans, to bitch and to look ahead- because, what the hell else do we usually have?

(WARNING: Long, thought out post ahead. Sorry, I guess?)


Anyways, here it goes: Rowell is an egomaniacal deusche who has destroyed the team's credibility and functionality(in terms of management). Yes, I trust Kawakami too, much- I'll save you the typing. Rowell was assistant AD at Cal Poly when Cohan met him and took him under his wing- fellow Mustangs, you know that is nothing that qualifies you to run an NBA franchise. He is wholly unqualified to make the decisions he is making and it is completely destroying the salary cap flexibility the W's had gained under Mullin (well, lost and gained back under Mullin, but still).


Let's look forward as so many people rightly suggest and try to figure out ways to shed some salary in hopes of being able to improve this clusterfuck of a roster both by subtraction and addition.

Step 1) Identify the problem: (have a bucket to puke in handy)

We have one expiring contract that can be traded and it's Williams' whopping $1.2 million.

Contracts that would easily qualify as exorbitant (or just stupid)                        Jackson                                                                                                                        


Crawford (if he doesn't opt out, which he won't)               

Step 2) Identify the options for each

Jackson: a 31 year old who is owed $42 M over this and the next 4 seasons. As Saint Tim of has pointed out, giving Jax a completely unnecessary and premature BY 2 YEARS extension, Rowell basically ruined any trade value Jax had. Seems like we could only include him (and his deal) if the other team was getting someone else along with him that they covet highly, most likely one of the young guys or our lottery pick next year.

Maggette: Obviously, he had some interest from other teams this summer, but not at $10 M per and not for 5 years. If he had (or currently was) giving teams who previously balked at the price a reason to reconsider, he would be an easy asset to move. Since it's fair to say that he hasn't been playing like a $10M player, he would likely have to be moved with another player/ pick of value. If he steps up his game in the next few months, you could kind of imagine a team who was both in the hunt and has a "luxury tax friendly" owner taking him on as a way to load up on scoring before the playoffs.

Check out my post this summer about the Maggette signing. Skip to the bottom where I compare his and BD's stats. It could make you cry, sorry if it does.  I admittedly rip Mullin, but this was way before anyone knew what really happened with BD. I, foolishly, thought the GM was making basketball decisions- silly me.

Crawford: Since his contract ends two years sooner that Mags or Jax, he is obviously more attractive in a trade. If someone has another guard to pair with him who actually plays D, allowing Crawford to just be a scorer/ distributor, you could see someone giving us something in return.

As I see it, we have three decent but completely non-essential and overpaid players. Did I mention they're all wing players?

How do we get rid of some/ all of them? What are some realistic targets, both in terms of destination and in terms of what we could realistically get back, realistically?

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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