Well time to say goodbye

It is now that I see I do not have what it takes to be a warriors fan.

A true warriors fan can really understand what makes us great, sees the positives in negatives in the roster, and knows every player and that player's skills by heart.

This is something I have picked up after watching the Warriors ever since jumping on the bandwagon after the Sjax, Al Harrington trade.

I watched with my family as GS crushed Dallas and I watched when B Diddy slammed over Ak-47

It was a beautiful thing


But I guess now I see I am not a real fan.


I can't take this shitty playing night in and night out.


This team resembles nothing to the team that I once loved and adored.


This team resembles nothing to the team I shelled out cash to go see play


And when I really think about it when will this team be good

People are all like oh man the future the future, but what future

-Will Belinelli really be that good ? doubt it

-Will Brandon Wright explode into a crazy player ? not likely

-Will Morrow become a consistent shooter and dominate? at best hel be Kyle Korver

-Will Beans develop into much more of a player than he already is? not really

-Will Monta be an all star? Judging from the way the warriors work he probably will but when he is an all star he will already be on a different team


I still feel that kind of sadness seeing J Rich and Barnes on PHX and what not

DAMN I really miss that team. I lately feel no attachment to this team and I don't think I'm going to watch the next 10 or so games until Monta comes back.


But what then? Our team is still gonna suck, destined for the lottery its just reality and reality sucks

our team is centered around monta and beans and that's not a very good core

the other parts that we locked up until '10 (crawford,maggs and shit) are just more reasons not to watch dubs play for awhile

AND AFTER THAT in 2010 we aren't going to get anybody, we all know that

who the hell wants to come to GS, not any superstars that's for sure


So Im handing in my jersey, returning my The City shirt, turning of CSN (i miss FSN) for good


I guess I never really was a real fan


Tony.psd how many times you gonna post in this I get it Im worthless and emo and who cares about me? obviously you cause you feel the need to act haughty and shit

And why is everyone saying DILUTE DILUTE thats some nazi ish

and the point of this fan post was that i ADMIRE the true fans okay?

I can handle disappointment of losing. But there is plain NOTHING entertaining or even worth watching in the warriors right now. I had hopes. Low hopes. And that wasn't reached. So no, I'm not gonna watch horrible basketball. At least not for a couple of years.


as a fan what do you have to look foward to in this organization? Pretty much nothing.

NO I am not gonna watch the lakers because just because they are good. Im not going to become a PHX fan. I do have attachment to the warriors but as of now they really are not worth watching.


would just calm down and listen

what im trying to say is that warriors ruined for at  2-3 years minimum and past that who knows

While they are this caliber what  is there really to  blog about, to fanpost about, why go to games when prices are rape

When I said I was gonna return my ish and turn off CSN its a metaphor that im done reading and posting and forums or any of that

like I said why put more heart and dedication into GS than the GS management puts into their own team

until dubs get their swagger back peace out

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