Quotes.....and some thoughts!



Don Nelson
On Tonight's Game:
“Well I thought we tried to do the right thing, just tough to establish a low post game. We’re just trying to compete right now. We’re not letting them get down. We’re being positive around them and we’re just trying to get better…and we will”

On Stephen Jackson's Injured Hand:
“I think it’s obvious (it’s affecting him). But it’s up to him if he thinks he can still play. He does other things well on the court, tonight he had seven rebounds and passed well. Scoring is not the only thing he possesses.”

On The Small Lineup:
“It was a small lineup game tonight the way I figured. We couldn’t matchup with their bigs so we had to go small and we struggled to score the ball. They made more shots, but it was a matchup we had to do.”

On The Defense:
“It was so hard for us to handle their screen and roll and with their three point shot it takes away from our weak side help. But Jameer (Nelson) has developed in to quite a player”

On Marco Belinelli:
“The way we are playing right now he fits in with that scenario. He’s done a nice job for us.”

Jamal Crawford
On Tonight's Game:
“Hopefully the road can be good to us. Our fans have been great to us, honestly. Hopefully we can take care of business on the road and get back here in front of our fans because we will have a nice stretch in January And February to be here. Right now we just have to get back on track. We had a couple of wins and then we lost three in a row. But I really think this road trip could be good for us to get away, go bond, and get some wins.”

Stephen Jackson
On Playing Hurt:
“That’s what matters to me, my teammates. Nobody made a big deal of my toe when I played in the playoffs, so I’m not going to make this a big deal about my hand. It happened, but I’m going to keep rolling.”

On The Young Guys:
“We have a bunch of young guys and they just want to play basketball and hopefully we can switch it up and win some games. They are staying positive for the most part and the guys that have been around here are helping them. But it’s definitely frustrating to them and this is something new to them, so they’ll have to find a way to deal with it.”

To Nelson:

On not letting players get down: The approach of "there, there" has got firk all to do with it. They are down because you are not putting them in soon enough. It has nothing to do with whats going on as a team, it's you, you idiot!

On Stacks Hand: If it's so bloody obvious why have you not told him to take a break for a couple of games????? is not Stack's choice to decide if he plays or not, you are the damn coach and if it clearly is not working, get him off the court until he is better. You are doing more damage than good by playing him right now. As to the great passing.......I'm sorry I must have been at the toilet or getting a hot dog when this happened tonight as what I remembered most was his driving into a crowded lane AGAIN, throwing his arms and the ball in the air in an attempt to get a foul and then complaining for the next minute as to why it wasnt called. THAT is not adding to the team in any way shape or form!

On the small line-up: It didnt why didnt you change it you fool? Why did it take you so long to get BWright and Randolph into the game? Why the hell didnt Morrow get the ball passed to him nearly at all? If we go small to score and we are not scoring, it is not bloody rocket science to think, "this is not working" lets go to plan B! - Morrow, Belinelli, Turiaf, BWright and Randolph????????

On Defense: We dont have any thats why it is hard...enough said. I really want to know and have asked this many times, who the hell is the main defensive coach out of Silas, Smart, Moncrief, Nelson, etc.....who is he? His A$$ needs to be fired and right now! Bring in someone who can bloody coach some D to these young guys. Mr Pippen is doing such a role at the Lakers I believe? Maybe we could borrow him for a while?

On Belinelli: It is clearly working with him right now, so start him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Again not bloody rocket science, run with the players that are hot and stop benching them when they do well......what the hell was the idea behind benching Kurz unless he picked up a small injury? He had 20 points the last game....

To Crawford: We appreciate the acknowledgement mate, but if there is an issue right now, i.e your not happy with Stack bringing up the ball, then grow some balls and step forward and say "Give me the ball, I want it, I'll set up the plays, I'll be the provider"...then you will get more support from the fans. You clearly have superb handling skills, but your vision of your fellow players is letting us down right now. We saw you hit 40 points in a game...we need you to bring your "A" game back.

To Jackson: You may have the best intentions man, but you are killing us right now. I have the utmost respect for how you have turned your life around and the work you do outside of the court, but you have got to realise that playing hurt is hurting the team. Take a few games off, help coach and boost the young guys from the sidelines....and get better, find your shot again...come back with some gentle minutes....THEN...if you have your "A" game back..then you earn your time on the court just like everyone else, not just because your Captain Jack and therefore you feel you SHOULD be on the court.

On the young guys: Taking time from them whilst playing hurt is a crappy thing to do! There is no point you encouraging them, if you are clearly not playing well and they might be able to add more value to the team. THIS is why they are frustrated, because they have energy, drive and enthusiasm to get onto the court and try to help the team. recognise your part in this and you may start to see the route cause of the frustration...

IS IT REALLY THAT HARD FOR THESE GUYS TO SEE WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON???????????????? Dammit the responses they gave above are about as weak and pathetic as our game right now. SOMEONE needs a giant kick in the ass right now and I am not sure who needs it the most, the coaching staff, or SOME not all, but some of the players?

I really hope Stack is advised by a Doctor to skip a few games and maybe this roadtrip is the perfect time for him to take a break? I would like to see the following starting line-up in Indiana:

Crawford, Belinelli, BWright, Biedrins and Randolph, with Buike, Turiaf, Kurz and Morrow getting good minutes off the bench, backed up by Watson.

Let's see what they can do in Indiana




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