Coaching philosophy........... the development halter

Alright guys I think I might have just realized the biggest hole in Nellie's coaching philosophy. Most of you probably already have seen this, but I just found the words that summed it all up for me. He does not know how to develop players! Don't get me wrong, I loooooooove Don Nelson, but it just seems like the guy is too impatient. Some of you might say, well what about Timmy, or Baron, or Monta, they are/were great players because of Nelly. Well ya I agree, but did Nellie really develop these guys into great players, or were they just really talented players regardless, that flourished in a great system? Id say the latter.

Nellie has a great system, I love small ball, I love entertaining basketball with breath taking play after breath taking play ( I hate to say it, but its kinda fun watching the Knicks these days, you should check them out.......god I feel so horrible saying that.....) Anyways, the point I am getting at is Nelly is a great coach with a great/fun system, but he is not good at developing his young talent.

Let'slook at some of the rookies/sophomores weve had since Nelly came back on board with us for the 06/07 season

Diogu.................we all loved him, amounted to nothing


Lasme..............more of the same

Kosta.............moving on

B Wright ................really??

Belinelli.................2 weeks ago hes at the top of this list

Monta.........the 5 fastest guys in the NBA perfect for this type of play


But why is it like this, why can't these guys become studs in Nellyball which is so awesome and fun to watch?

Its simple, Nelly is too damn impatient!!! Nelly is famous for his doghouse, but his doghouse might as well just be called the development halter! The guy coaches a great game, but he won't let his second string players, usually the rookies and sophomores play because he doesnt trust them! How can you possibly develop a player when he gets pulled because he missed his defensive assignment? This just alienates players in this day and age. I think the mentality of players these days is way more fragile than it used to be when Nelly was playing. Its hard for these players to thrive with Nelly because they are sensitive, and Nelly is cutthroat. He doesnt give them an opportunity to fall on their face, which in turn gives them an opportunity to pick themselves up. These guys are so worried about playing perfect so they dont get put in the "development halter," that its hard to play with confidence on the court.

What Nelly needs to do is take the Phil Jackson approach. Meaning, let your rookies play through their mistakes, let them play even though they are stinking it up so bad, let them get so embarrassed about their game that they feel like they've let the team down. This is when players usually respond. Even though sometimes they'll lose the game for you, they need to experience the feeling of letting their teammates down. Next time they will play harder and try even more because the coach is telling them they're gonna be in the game at critical times and they need to figure out how to perform in those situations, or they will be letting their team down. This is what Phil did with LA's second unit, he forced them to play early in the season, even when they were stinking it  up.  He also let them play when they are doing better than the starters. This made them stronger and more experienced and primed for a deep playoff run. This "developed" them into better players. Nelly on the other hand is so impatient, he refuses to let his young players play big (by big I mean important, not lots of) minutes. Instead of letting them learn on the job, he benches them, scolds them, and puts them in the "development halter." Even when they are playing better than the starters, he will bench them when the big minutes arrive. Unfortunately some of these players never get out of the "development halter" and never develop. I think Nelly needs to change his approach!!!

BUT WAIT!!!! THERE IS STILL HOPE!!!! Right now the Warriors suck soooooo bad that Nelly is being forced to start playing the young guys. All of a sudden Marco is looking like a stud! Hopefully Maggette says hurt(or more preferrably hes pulling a Harrington till we trade him for anything) so that we can let these young guys DEVELOP!!!!!!!!!!!!

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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