0-10 Does the "Buck" stop there?

We are currently 0-7 in recent games that started with the loss to Chicago. In many of these games we could, should and would have had different results if decisions were made to go Defensive while the other team counter attacks when we have a 10 point lead.

There is a very serious chance that we may go 0-10 with Houston, the Spurs and OKC next games away, before we return to Oracle for the Bucks, who god forbid we should lose against.

My point is this, unless we change our defensive position once we get control of a game with offensive points, we are going to go through the same result, game, after game, after game.

I am damn sure Hendrix, would be 100% more use to this team than Kurz right now.. We do not need anymore outside shooters, what we need is someone on the otherside of Turiaf and Biedrins when we want to go big and Hendrix is THAT player. He does not have to go and score, but he has to defend our basket like an animal and he not only has the build for it, he has the mindset and confidence. Did any of you see his press interviews? He has great confidence and right now we need another "Bruiser" in the mix.

0-10 is a really scarey thought to me, mainly because I am not sure how the rookies mindsets will deal with it, let alone Jackson, who has already started to vent a bit.

So are we ready for people to accept that unlss we get smart and move the ball more and GO DEFENSIVE when we have to, we are going to lose to teams who's coaching staff have a look at our line up and then exploit the weak side wherever that may be and haul back a bunch of points.

The Celtics and Doc Rivers showed exactly what a coaching team should do, find a weak spot and utilize it with a player we dont know what to do with. "Rondo". Rivers got his team in the game, then sent on his "Big Guys" to defend for a while giving his starters a rest and kept swapping. He then saw that we were leaving the lane open everytime, and so he put on one of his really quick driving guys, Rondo, who was given all the room he needed.

If however the first couple of drives, Big Ronny T or Biedrins had stepped across and checked him HARD and I do mean HARD, Rondo would have thought twice about going in again.

Our issue is simply two things:

1: Ball movement and lack of it.

2: Defensive decisions.

If there is a chance we could look at this and read the other team a little better, I believe we start winning again. We have the raw talent, it grows and develops every game and right now we are at the school of hard knocks, but the basic principles of defending are not being met and our defensive guys all seem really "NICE" guys, who maybe need to put a gamemask on and start bashing bodies.

I loved the fact that STACK got in Dwades face last night, THAT IS WHAT BEING A WARRIOR IS ABOUT! Let other players know that they are not going to just push us around, dunk on us, or any of that crap. They play us, they will get a fight, once we get some of that spirit going, I guarantee we lose less games.






This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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