Do the Warriors really play better without Jamal Crawford?

The Warriors are now 3-14 with Crawford in the lineup and are 6-9 without, which brings up a valid question: are we a better team without him?

Personally, I am really surprised by these numbers.  Jamal is a very talented, nice player.  Sometimes maybe he shoots a few shots that he shouldn't shoot, but generally he puts up points.  I really like his skillset, I thought that he would be a very good fit with the team especially during monta's absence, and would be a very nice compliment to Monta in the backcourt long term.   

Is there anything to explain why the Warriors suck with Crawford?  If I remember correctly, the Warriors were doing pretty good when Al Harrington was sidelined with "a bad back" and then all of a sudden when Crawford came we lost like 6 straight and now the team is in a position where playoffs are definitely not happening.  Come on, he can't be that bad right?

The ultimate piece of evidence in this argument against Crawford has to be the Celtics game.  I mean come on.  Crawford sits out a couple games and we beat the defending champs with Jackson going off and Bellinelli stepping up.

This is also very relevant to the situation the warriors are in with where they have Ellis, Crawford, Jackson, and Maggette, who are all starters, all paid a lot, all have multi-year contracts, but if started together with Andris Beidrins would be an awful lineup.  The warriors have to make a decision because this lineup cannot win, and I don't see any of the 4 accepting a 6th man role.  Even if we did move, let's say Crawford to the bench, that would take pt away from Bellinelli, Watson (who are both playing great) and as much as it pains me to say it because I haven't been the biggest supporter of him, Azabuike.  He needs some minutes too.

So I really think someone has to go, and I believe that that is the general consensus around here too. 

I know everyone wants to see Maggette go--I pretty much do too--but you have to look at these numbers and think if we really even want Crawford around long term.  I mean we are freakin 3-13 with him!  we have lost over 80% of the games in which he has played in.  Those are painful numbers! 

Maggette cannot play the 4.  We just suck with him at the 4.  I am curious though as how a lineup of Ellis, Jackson, Maggette, Wright (or an even better pf) and Andris would look.  I believe that this was kind of the idea pre-moped accident, but we never really got to see it.  

So what should we do?  I think if a good trade is there that involves Maggette, we have to seriously consider it, but I don't think we should just dump him and expect our problems to be solved.  As much as I have been hating on him as of late, Maggette is a good player and I thought he was doing pretty good at the beginning of the year.  Crawford on the other hand, as much as it pains me to say it, going by the numbers, appears to be an addition by subtraction case.  We could have potentially have a situation with him where just taking him out of the lineup we are automatically better.  This, I am not exactly sure I believe 100 percent, but the numbers (including the Celtics game) don't lie.

Trading away one of these guys also opens up time for Bellinelli to be a very good scoring sixth man, and of course Buke needs a few minutes, etc.

So what do ya think??  Because I really think that the Warriors should make a big decision (again) on what direction they want to take this team in, before the trade deadline, and I would think that knowing that the Warriors are 3-13 with Crawford playing, is valuable information that may help them make the right decision.

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