Warriors: State of the Union

I just recently saw a post about the warriors potentially making the playoffs and it just irked me, yes I said irked. NO CHANCE! Now I am a dubs fan, but im realistic, not pessimistic, but simply at one with reality.

Until they get a big man( Biedrins is not this no matter how many double doubles he puts up, he has no idea how to guard anyone) they will never win any close game especially if you accompany that with the fact that the warriors lost their only playmaker bdiddy. Biedrins also makes over 60million….why? what merits this? the fact that u have money doesn’t mean to spend it just to spend it…dude is worth much less

Then they trade one of their bigger players for another guard in Crawford, the last thing the warriors needed was another guard, a shoot first point guard as well…

CJ Watson on a playoff-caliber team would get a few minutes in the 2nd quarter and thats about it, sure he has heart but this is the NBA…. if u dont have a superior skill set, its irrelevant. AI has heart, but AI is a baller; CJ has heart, CJ is not a baller

Mags…. he is getting paid about $5million more annually than he should be, and im not sure if he is, but if he is the go-to-guy than thats all I need to say about him…. and he plays no defense, he would be the 3rd option on a playoff-caliber team…. instead he is getting paid like a 2nd option minus the talent for it

Randolph/Wright are great rooks… but that’s about it. They sum up this franchise’s history, lots of promise, no results in the win column

Jackson…. I like the guy, but how in the world does he get that extension?? I mean with that move, the front office basically gave up the next 3 years of any chance of making any moves in the offseason( not like the owner would anyways).

Monta Ellis is one of the fastest players in the league, but what most of the Dub’s fanbase seems to forget is that he was able to penetrate and do what he did last season because of Baron Davis and the attention that defenses gave him to allow Monta to roam free…. Now with Bdiddy gone and with Crawford next to him in the backcourt there is no way Monta is going to be that open; he also is not the greatest ball-handler. Last season Jackson would bring it up the majority of the time when Bdiddy was out… not Monta….

Which brings me to the main issue, the front office. This franchise is a perfect example of what happens when you are way under the salary cap and do nothing about it. No matter who your personnel on the court are, if the franchise won’t even try to compete financially you will always become a selling team. The warriors build up players only to see them leave and move on to other teams once they are NBA ready. When you’re rebuilding for over a century then its not the player’s fault.

Nelson is a great motivational coach, horrible if you have a young team, and horrible if you want to play defense and win playoff series…. He also doesn’t seem as invested in this team this year and outside of his contractual obligations why should he be? He is an old coach that feels like he should be coaching a veteran team that has a shot for the title…

Now I am not whining, I am simply being realistic and stating the reason why we are nowhere near .500 and wont be for the rest of the season. Without a commitment to defense, and a true big man that can play defense and has post move(s) this team will simply be entertaining, scoring around 100 a game, but will never close out close games, and will be blown out by playoff teams night in and night out. The problem starts with the owner’s unwillingness to spend money, the salary cap is there in the NBA so that teams dont spend ridiculous amounts of money on their rosters, its not meant so that teams can try to get as far under as possible…. I mean without money backing your team, they will always be composed of overpaid vets. and a bunch of rookie contracts that show promise to appease the fanbase with hopes of the “future” but nothing else…

I am a dubs fan but I mean its pathetic what is going on… look at the Knicks game highlights, I’ve never seen a defense get torn up so much by a simple high pick&roll and that was with the 60million dollar center Biedrins and Randolph in the game…

WC Teams better than the warriors in no specific order:
1) Spurs(dont make the excuse that they are a few places ahead in the standings, because they were without Manu and Parker and relied on Roger Mason and still are more than 5 games better than the warriors)
2) The Suns( who is going to guard Shaq? who is going to guard Amare?
3) Portland( their not quite as young as the dubs but have more talent, no one is containing brandon roy, or Aldridge off the glass, Fernandez stretches the defense with his 3’s, Oden/Pryzbilla are better than Biedrins and whomever else can play the 5.
4) New Orleans- self explanitory
5) Utah Jazz – Boozer is the warrior killer
6) Lakers – I mean… lets move on
7) Denver – Billups, Melo, Nene, Kmart, JR Smith off the bench> warriors
8) Houston- this isn’t debatable
thats a solid 8 teams already that are better than the warriors…
9) Dallas-this isnt 2007 anymore, as dysfunctional as they are, that roster is too talented and experienced for the current warriors to ever beat them in a series
10/11) Here is where it gets iffy, but I’d say if not this season the timberwolves with AL Jefferson who kills the warriors, and Memphis with Mayo, Gay, and Marc Gasol… its debatable if that team is better but I mean the fact that its debatable… the memphis grizzlies… that should be a sign right there

And again this cycle of overpaid vets. and rookies will continue until ownership changes or decides to start spending up around the salary cap at the very least… and not hand out 60 million to a big man that plays no defense or boxes out, and 3 year 20something million contracts to an aging vet. ruining future cap space. That whole Mullin/Rowell thing can’t be a positive either, and both are horrible execs. Mullin signed Foyle to that 40million deal, Troy Murphy to his deal, and Dunleavy to his multi-million dollar deal. Rowell got rid of Bdiddy… nuff said

Go DUBS!! lol

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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