Season Analysis so far

Hello everyone! Didn´t want to be repetitive or anything like that, but watching the Warriors play these last games just makes you think what we are missing this season.

It´s obvious, I think to everyone, that smallball isn´t working like the last two season. Along with that we are not rebounding the ball, we are not defending, we are letting any team in the league score at will against us, and those are just like the big problems. Along with that we still have numerous smaller, but not less important mistakes.

First of all, lets try to analyse the players´ stats this season:

Stephen Jackson: PER: 15.29 / PPG: 20.9 / APG: 6.6 / RPG: 4.2 / SPG: 1.3 / TOPG: 4.2 / FG%: 40.5 / 3PT%: 29.6

I love Stephen Jackson, I think he´s the heart and soul of the team, he´s the leader and a player Don Nelson trusts a lot. But I have to admit that he´s a true ballhog this season. Althought he leads the team with 6.6 APG and that in 2 or 3 games he passed the ball and made everyone around him better, I think he´s just trying to do too much. Maybe he just hates losing and he´s trying to win the game by himself. In consequence of that, he´s shooting the ball horribly this season and his ballhog is becoming contagious.

Jamal Crawford: PER: 16.52 / PPG: 20.8 / APG: 5.8 / RPG: 4.2 / SPG: 1.2 / TOPG: 2.3 / FG%: 39.4 / 3PT%: 31.7

JC is who we got for Al Harrington, a player that wasn´t happy here and wanted to go away but that was a good Yao Ming stopper, a big who could hit a three and a Don Nelson "type of player". Crawford was shooting 45.5 % from three point range as a Knick and now he´s just shooting 31.7 %, so what´s happening to him? Does Nelson give him too much freedom out there, so he´s just hoisting up ill advised shots? Maybe... but along with Jackson and Maggette he´s also trying to do too much and is taking a lot of bad shots and simply isn´t sharing the ball enough. But at least we got a 20 point scorer for a guy who wasn´t playing and was filling up a roster spot, so that´s a plus. His defense is also pretty shaky.

Corey Maggette:  PER: 16.62 / PPG: 19.9 / APG: 1.9 / RPG: 5.6 / SPG: 1.0 / TOPG: 2.3 / FG%: 42.8 / 3PT%: 18.4

I simply close my eyes when Maggette shoots a three... 18.4% are you kidding me? I really think that I would have a better percentage if I was playing. This is simply unacceptable for a professional player. Don Nelson is mostly using him as a PF and it´s just not working. He CAN´T guard a David West or a Tim Duncan. Most of the time he simply doesn´t play any defense... the best thing he does on this end of the floor is try to draw charges and flop. He´s the guy we got to "try" to fill the hole Baron Davis left when he signed with the Clippers, but he´s not the leader Baron was. I know he´s averaging 20 PPG and that he leads the league in free thow attempts he´s not the type of player we need right now.

Andris Biedrins: PER: 21.37 / PPG: 15.5 / APG: 2.1 / RPG: 12.1 / SPG: 1.2 / TOPG: 2.2 / FG%: 55.2 / FT%: 59.4

Biedrins started the season like he wanted to be the league MVP! He was averaging almost 15 RPG, had a double double in like almost every game but since this hot streak, he´s just another player. He´s soft on defense against big guys... I don´t know... I just don´t like what he´s been doing in these last few games.

Kelenna Azubuike: PER: 13.30 / PPG: 13.5 / APG: 1.5 / RPG: 4.0 / SPG: 0.9 / TOPG: 1.2 / FG%: 44.7 / 3PT%: 31.8

For me, Azubuike is lacking consistency. He´s just horrible shooting the three and he´s not defending like last season and not rebounding like last season. I think this no rebound and no defense is in fact becoming contagious...

DeMarcus Nelson: PER: 10.26 / PPG: 5.4 / APG: 1.3 / RPG: 1.7 / SPG: 0.9 / TOPG: 1.3 / FG%: 51.2 / FT%: 12.5/ 3PT%: 0.0

Simply not ready for the NBA. Made a lot of rookie mistakes when he was with us. The Warriors did a good thing to send him to the D League. How can an opening night starting PG average 12.5% on free throws and 0.0% from three? Geez, I miss Baron Davis.

Ronny Turiaf: PER: 10.56 / PPG: 3.0 / APG: 0.7 / RPG: 2.7 / BPG: 2.2 / TOPG: 0.5/ FG%: 41.5 / FT%: 68.4

I hated Turiaf when he was with the Lakers, but now that he´s with us, I think he´s exactly what we missed last season. Maybe if he was here, we would´ve made the playoffs, Baron would still be here and we would all be happy by now. So I blame him for what´s happening this season! LOL... just kidding. His interior defense and shot blocking ability is very good. I don´t think Nellie is playing him the right way. He should be playing more than 15.7 minutes per game, and MAYBE should be starting at PF instead of Maggette. So, I like what he brings to the team, I just don´t think he´s been used correctly. The only problem for me... is that he doesn´t rebound the ball enough to get more minutes, so he should work more on that.

Marcus Williams: PER: - 0.72 / PPG: 0.5 / APG: 1.8 / RPG: 0.0 / SPG: 0.3 / TOPG: 0.3/ FG%: 12.5 / FT%: 0.0 / 3PT%: 0.0

Man, how can someone have a MINUS 0.72 PER? Is he that bad? He was brought here to be the backup PG for Monta Ellis, and when Ellis got injuried everyone thought that he would start, but so far, he has just played in 4 games and he could´t even play tonight with a 40 point blowout, so YES he might be THAT bad...

Rob Kurz: PER: 7.38 / PPG: 3.3 / APG: 0.3 / RPG: 0.8 / BPG: 0.5 / TOPG: 0.5/ FG%: 30.0 / FT%: 87.5 / 3PT%: 0.0

I won´t waste my time writting about a guy that will be waived as soon as Monta gets back.

Marco Belinelli: PER: 12.27 / PPG: 3.0 / APG: 0.5 / RPG: 0.5 / SPG: 0.3 / TOPG: 0.3/ FG%: 48.3  / 3PT%: 41.7

He said recently that he´s not satisfied with his situation and the Warriors have been trying to trade him. Can´t get any Playing time (7.2 MPG) and when he´s in, he can´t rebound and can´t play defense. Nothing more to add here.

Anthony Morrow: PER: 16.88 / PPG: 10.5 / APG: 0.8 / RPG: 3.1 / SPG: 0.5 / TOPG: 0.8 / FG%: 47.2 / FT%: 88.9 / 3PT%: 51.6

I have to admit I was on the Morrow bandwagon after the Clippers game. He came out of nowhere and had 37 points and 11 rebounds and followed it with 25 points and 4 rebounds and we won both games. He got the nation´s attention after the Clippers game and teams started to pay more attention to him. Nelson benched him again and now he can´t get any Playing time. Skeptic con Urquell said on today´s open thread something really funny about Morrow: " defending Morrow harder? Yeah, they’ve been stationing a defender near the bench". LOL! I still think he´s important to the team with his good 3 PT %...

Anthony Randolph: PER: 12.09 / PPG: 5.7 / APG: 0.8 / RPG: 4.5 / BPG: 1.2 / TOPG: 1.5 / FG%: 39.2 / FT%: 66.7

I like his mentality and his agressiveness, specially as a rookie. He really have star potential. Not KG type, but he could develop to become a very good player. He´s got a good rebounds per minute average and is a really good shot blocker and brings energy to the team when he´s playing but commits too many rookie mistakes. In my opinion he costed us the game against Houston when he got that technical foul after the dunk on Yao. Should get more minutes if we are to tank the season anyway. Is learning very quickly to ballhog with teammates Jackson and Maggette.

CJ Watson: PER: 15.42 / PPG: 9.2 / APG: 3.3 / RPG: 3.4 / SPG: 1.4 / TOPG: 1.2 / FG%: 47.2 / FT%: 75.0 / 3PT%: 30.8

CJ is probably one of the worst defenders in the NBA. Really. He´s very good at stealing passes in the lane, but on 1 on 1 defense he just sucks! He´s a terrible inbounder and commits a lot of silly mistakes, but the team has been playing soooo bad that he became an important piece of the rotation during the last road trip because of his consistency to knock down the mid range jumper. An average backup PG at best for the NBA level.

Brandan Wright: PER: 20.27 / PPG: 7.2 / APG: 0.2 / RPG: 3.7 / BPG: 1.3 / TOPG: 0.5 / FG%: 58.9 / FT%: 73.9

I hated him for a long time because of the Jason Richadson trade, but I really like him now. I think he should be getting more than 16.5 MPG by now. He has the team´s second best PER and is a very very good shot blocker with his long arms. Still very raw but brings a lot of energy to the team just like Anthony Randolph.


No that we´re done with the stats, let´s talk about the team stats, what´s wrong with the team and what can we do to change this season around and stop the bleeding from this 9 game losing streak.

We are #1 in the league in Free Thows attempted per game with 31.1, but we´re just making 74.8% of them (#25 in the league). We are the 3rd worst 3 Point FG % team, just ahead of the Kings and the Clippers. We lead the league in blocks per game with 7.0 BPG. We are #21 in Defensive Rebounds per game, and that shows one of our biggest problems... We are #18 in FG % with 44.9%.

Tonight´s loss to the Spurs was really depressing. They fell down by 40 points in the third quarter. They had no energy, no motivation, no desire to get out of the losing streak and didn´t play defense just like the last 7 games (they are giving up 125.3 PPG in the last 7) and gave the Spurs a lot of easy dunks, layups and open jumpers. I really wanted them to lose this one by 50 or 60 points.

So to summarize what´s wrong with them... WE LACK... defense, desire to win, motivation, energy, rebounds, a player to close out games like Baron Davis, a motivated coach etc etc etc

Don Nelson should change his starting lineup , Mullin or Rowell needs to make a big roster move to try to shake the team, they should only train defense and defensive rebounds for weeks because they are very good at scoring points, but it´s pathetic to allow 112 PPG.

My ideal Rotation for now is:

PG: Jamal Crawford / CJ Watson / Marco Belinelli

SG: Stephen Jackson / Kelenna Azubuike / Anthony Morrow

SF: Corey Maggette / Anthony Randolph

PF: Ronny Turiaf / Brandan Wright

C: Andris Biedrins / Ronny Turiaf / Rob Kurz

And when Monta gets back:

PG: Monta Ellis / CJ Watson / Marco Belinelli

SG: Jamal Crawford / Kelenna Azubuike / Anthony Morrow

SF: Stephen Jackson / Corey Maggette / Anthony Randolph

PF: Ronny Turiaf / Brandan Wright / Anthony Randolph

C: Andris Biedrins / Ronny Turiaf


What do you guys think we should do to get back to winning some games? I know this season is almost lost and that we are probably headed to the Lottery again but c´mon, we have good players (4 20 PPG players) and should get at least 35 - 40 games this season. Speak out!

PS: If you want to remember the We Believe run log on to:

And if you want to remember what happened last season (part of it) log on to:

Thanks for reading my post and hope we win the game against the Thunder on Monday. Good Weekend everyone!


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