Trade Ideas

Yes it's another trade thread.. There hasn't been many diaries lately and I'm bored, so you can just press the "Back" button on your browser if you're not interested.

There's a little more than a week left until the Trade Deadline and the Warriors still have some depth needs to fill.  I don't think we need any major roster shake ups, but we do need more depth because Baron and Stephen Jackson could use some rest.

I truly do believe our biggest hole in the depth chart right now is backup shooting guard.  When our beloved D-Leaguer CJ Watson is the first "shooting guard" off the bench, you know we have some depth issues.  And Azubuike?  I think we're starting to see why he went undrafted in the first place.  A gifted scorer, but often doesn't involve himself in the offense and constantly loses his man on defense.  And who knows when Belinelli will be ready to contribute.

We do have some trading chips.  We have the $9.9mil trade exception, Mickael Pietrus, Patrick O'Bryant, and our mid-round future draft picks.
Here's a list of decent guards that could help us out, which could be had on the cheap before the deadline:

Tony Allen from Boston -
It is true that he's young, talented, and still on his inexpensive rookie contract.  However, they may be willing to trade him to us for better depth.  They should know that their "Championship Window" is closing fast, and may not have the patience or provide the playing time for Tony Allen to develop.  Tony Allen and James Posey for Pietrus and POB?  They upgrade Posey to Pietrus, and get a backup center (right now they're using rookie 6'9" Big Baby).  If they go on to sign Cassell (or some other veteran PG), they move Eddie House to his natural backup SG role which Tony Allen vacates.

Bonzi Wells from Houston -
He's probably the best rebounding guard in the league.  He's on a $2.2mil expiring contract.  And best of all, he's on a team full of guards and rebounders.  And the Warriors could always use the extra rebounding.

Joel Przybilla from Portland -
Okay he's not a guard, but definitely worth mentioning.  With their roster full of talent at every roster spot and Oden coming back next season, someone's got to go and I think Przybilla is probably the odd man out.  Although our big man situation has improved with Webber coming aboard, we still lack the big, banging, rebounding, shotblocking presence in the middle.  7'1" Joel Przybilla is all that and more for $6mil/yr.

Michael Finley from San Antonio -
The Ime Udoka experiment hasn't exactly worked out well for them, and having Ginobili in the starting lineup at SG isn't exactly going to kill them either.  Pietrus could backup both wing positions for them and come in and fit the same role as Bruce Bowen does on that team (play defense and shoot 3's from the corner), as well add some much needed athleticism and youth to their squad.  Michael Finley may be on the decline, but he's still a clutch shooter and grizzy ol' veteran, and our backcourt sure could use more composure and big-game experience.  I would LOVE to put Finley in the starting lineup and make Monta the 6th man of the year (a la Ginobili, Gordon, Terry, Barbosa, etc).

Just throwing stuff out there.  Discuss.

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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