Facing the Bulls (Part II)

Game # 49: Golden State Warriors vs. Chicago Bulls
GSW: (Home) 14-8        Bulls: (Road) 8-15
Tip off: 7:30 pm PST      Venue: Oracle Arena, Oakland

STANDING: Golden State Warriors - 29-19     3rd Pacific     8th West
                                 Chicago Bulls - 19-28       4th Central   10th East

GAME PREDICTION: Golden State Warriors (29-19) - 72.6%     +6.4
                                                 Chicago Bulls (19-28) - 27.3%


Golden State Warriors (48 games)                      Chicago Bulls (47 games)

PPG: 109.6 (1st) - 5,263 pts made                      94.5 (23rd) - 4,443 pts made
FG%: 45.6 (12th) - 1,932/4,242                           42.1 (30th) - 1,675/3,979
3pt%: 35.7 (15th) - 472/1,323                              34.3 (19th) - 254/741
FT%: 75.0 (16th) - 927/1,236                              74.8 (19th) - 839/1,122
RPG: 12.1 (10th) - 2,027(O:580/D:1,447)           14.0 (1st) - 2,063(O:656/D:1,407)
Pts in paint: 46.1 ppg - 2,216 pts made              34.8 ppg - 1,602 pts made
Pts/TO: 19.8 ppg - 953 pts made                       16.6 ppg - 763 pts made
2nd chance pt: 13.6 ppg - 653 pts made             15.6 ppg - 718 pts made
Fast break pt: 20.1 ppg - 969 pts made           10.2 ppg - 468 pts made
Ast/TO: 1.74                                                      1.51
TO/PG: 13.50                                                    14.51

PPG: 107.1 (30th) - 2,216 pts allowed                97.3 (11th) - 4,574 pts allowed
FG%: 45.8 (20th) - 1,864/4,066                          44.6 (6th) - 1,657/3,717
3pt%:36.4 (17th) - 332/913                                 36.8 (20th) - 317/862
FT%: 75.5 (15th) - 1,080/1,431                           77.1 (28th) - 943/1,223
RPG: 30.1 (18th) - 2,282 (O:641/D:1,641)          29.9 (19th) - 2,011 (O:513/D:1,223)
Pts in paint: 42.8 ppg - 2,058 pts allowed          33.3 ppg - 1,532 pts allowed
PT/TO: 16.0 ppg -  768 pts allowed                    16.7 ppg - 769 pts allowed
2nd chance pt: 16.3 ppg - 783 pts allowed          11.7 ppg - 539 pts allowed
Fastbreak pts: 12.1 ppg - 582 pts allowed          14.8 ppg - 683 pts allowed
Blk/PG: 4.60                                                         4.98
Stl/PG: 8.94                                                          7.57
TO/PG: 17.22                                                       15.89

Currently, the Bulls are on a 6-game road trip in the West. They've started at Minnesota last 01/30 (L - 67-83); Sacramento 02/02 (L - 101-105); 02/04 Seattle (W- 118-108); 02/06 Portland; 02/07 Golden State; 02/09 Utah. They are still playing without Luol Deng, their second leading scorer (17.9) due to Achilles injury. Their winning at Seattle is somewhat expensive as they also lost their point guard due to ribs injury. Reports says that he was left at Seattle for further medial examination and evaluation as the team left for Portland. They will play at the Rose Garden tomorrow night and playing the back end of a b2b at Oracle on Thursday.

The Warriors on the other hand are fortifying their home court with new offensive/defensive drills in their just concluded "mini-camp" as Nellie incorporate C-Webb in their starting line-up. They will play their 8 of their 9 games at the Oracle with a lone road game with Utah on 02/19. So far, they've won 14 of their 22 home games. Last season, they were 30-11 at the Oracle.  Let us hope they will improve this record by playing more consistently on both end of the court for whole duration of the game especially in front of the sell-out home crowd whose undying support cannot be measured.

In their last game at the United Center last Jan.18 which the Warriors won 119-111, Davis scored 40 points hitting 6-8 3-pointers and 5-5 in 3Q alone. "I scored 40 in the United Center," he added. "I felt like (Michael) Jordan out there." "Baron had a monster game and I just played off of him. He got me open shots and I was able to knock that one down in the fourth quarter when it counted," Jackson said. The Warriors outplayed the Bulls in United Center, I am sure they will outplay them again in Oracle if only the debut of C-Webb will  not be beyond reproach. I say Warriors win by double digit as Marco will catch and connect whatever C-Webb will throw on him.

Go Dubs!

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