OPEN THREAD: Warriors vs Kings

BD 300 ms

Y'all better be fired up!!

Warriors (W-L): 29-20

Kings (W-L): 23-25

Time: 7:30PM PST tip off


Vegas Odds: Golden State by 7 (source:

Nothin like a good ol' fashioned Norcal showdown to compliment a relaxing Saturday night.

Tonight the Dubs will be facing our neighbors to the north (alliteration what?!) as the Kings trek down to Roaracle. It should be interesting to watch C-Webb log some minutes on the floor against a team with which he spent many of his better years. Truth be told, I'm not really expecting a whole lot out of Chris for a while though. It's likely going to take him more than a few games to get back his rhythm, timing, and whatever speed he has left in his tank. Incidentally, no one would be happier than me if I were proven wrong on that previous statement.

So what about the game tonight? Chalk it up in the W column? Put it in the books? Count it?

Riiiiight. JUMP!

I think you know by now that there is no such thing as a guaranteed win for the Warriors. And even if there was, tonight wouldn't fit into that category. The Kings are 2 games below .500 (trust me, we've lost to worse) and have a roster full of weapons.

Not only is Sac coming in with the threats that are Martin, Ron Ron, and Bibby (arguably not as threatening right now as he has been in the past), they're coming in with confidence. (They've won 5 of their past 6 games.)

Meanwhile, the Dubs on the other hand are probably still wondering how the hell they lost to a limping Bulls team at home. My thoughts? They're going to need to come out strong from the start and put this game away early. It's going to be tough going if they have to go back and forth with the Kings for 48 minutes tonight. Tonight's game needs to serve as a much needed confidence booster for the Warriors to get back on track.

Either way, I'll be planted on my couch in my fat guy pants (everyone should own a pair) with some icy ones, the remote, and my laptop (open thread!). God I love Saturdays.

Be sure to swing by and say hello to our friends at Sactown Royalty and drop your thoughts on the game as well!

* Bibby gets confused and dishes to Webber at least once.
* Baron recovers from a subpar game against the Bulls and goes for a double double with 20+ points.
* C-Webb breaks 10 points. (C'mooooooon Chris!)
* Warriors by 8.

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