Offseason Checklist & Why We Missed the Playoffs.

-First off I'd like to say. Great Season Warriors. I will have to say that I was first off not thrilled with one of my favorite Warriors all time leaving, but I was happy that we got Wright and Belinelli.

-Secondly, I want to say to all those who are complaining about the playoff system:

Drop It.

We lost fair and square in an extremely tight Western Conference race. This format is a classic East vs West matchup and this is the first time in history it has happened where a race ended up this neck to neck. Why should we get special treatment? So many other teams could have gotten into the playoffs over the past decade if the system was best 16 teams. We are the only ones to be blamed for the missed opportunity, primarily when we lost at home to Denver. Be rational please.

-Lastly, I got a quick and short (funny to some) offseason checklist.

--Purge the Wagon. Warrior fans are notorious now for our bandwagon mainly those who keep talking smack and can't control their mouths. I'm tired of hearing this cockiness. Real fans don't run their mouths and they were not here when we weren't "The best NBA Fans" 5 years ago. Boy, I do miss pre-bandwagon days when Higher Bowl gets sent down to Lower Bowl cuz of low attendance.

  1. Acquire a Dominant or Strong Inside Presence-We need a real Big Man. We can acquire one through Trades, the Draft, or Free Agency. Like it or not Run-N-Gun and Andris as our Franchise Center will not win us a Championship. Brandan Wright does not count as he is purely a PF and by his size and Athleticism it seems he should be played as a SF.
  2. Emphasize Defense- Face it we lose because of this very reason. Our Post D is horrible, maybe the worst in the league. Our Perimeter D is just as bad down the stretch. Nelson made the Mavs a Defensive Force, he should be able to work his magic with our squad. Acquiring players who can play D will also help drastically.
  3. Re-Sign Monta Ellis- Numbers is the problem. With 60 Million Dollars in Cap Room (40 Million Available)  we need to keep him for cheap. Possible contract would be 6 Years/ 74 Million. Based on Kevin Martin's contract.
  4. Draft a PG or C-Like it or not Baron will not be the face of the Warriors in the near future. We need to draft the most important positions to any Franchise a good Leader in a PG who can distribute the ball effectively and/or a Franchise Center. Will we get one this year? Possibly. Depends on the Lotto and who fluctuates in the draft. My early picks (At #14) are DeAndre Jordan, Darrel Arthur, and Anthony Randolph. If we win the lotto (.5% Chance/1 in 200 chance) I would pick Rose if we can get rid of Baron, if not then a better Carmelo Anthony in Michael Beasley. And No to Kevin Love.
  5. Get more Asian Cheerleaders- I feel there is too little of them =P. A couple years ago there were several of them. Most were good looking, especially Tiffany if I remember correctly. LOL
  6. Cut- Croshere, Barnes, O'Bryant, and maybe Watson.
  7. Re-Sign- Michael Pietrus. One of my favorite guys personally. Highlight Reel for Blocks. Excellent off the bench, one of out better defenders. Kelenna Azubuike- Our guard version of Mark Madsen and Ronny Turiaf. Pure Energy, very young as well. Can hit the 3.

The jury is out on Beans. He would command at least 8 Mil/Year. I would like him back, but if we have a shot at Elton Brand, Josh Smith, Okafor or Jermaine O'Neal (Less money for O'Neal) then I would attempt to swoop one of them in. (All are Restricted  or Can Opt Out)

Baron Davis, is also on the bubble for me. Love him as our Warriors captain, but I would not cry or mind if he left the team. He holds 1/3 of our teams salary at approximately 38 Million over the next 2 years. If we give him a new contract, then that would help in keeping Beans and possibly acquiring a Big Man who opts out.


This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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