RECAP: The Start of Free Agency

First off, props to the in depth fan posts that the community has been writing. It's been keeping the site going while us admins have been crazy busy with work, school, and sometimes both. I can barely keep up with everything that's happening but thanks to you guys, I can get my dose of Warriors info right here. So let me get this recap goin and apologies for some who might find this redundant but I'm going to write it anyways.

If nothing else, this offseason has turned out to be the exact opposite of what I thought it was going to be. After the Randolph and Hendrix draft picks, I figured this would be a pretty boring offseason - Baron doesn't opt out, resign Monta and Beans. Like high school girls, there seems to be a new rumor daily.

I'll be honest, I'm not at all happy with what Mullin has let happen to his team so far: Baron opts out and leaves, Maggette signs, Turiaf signs though Lakers can match, Harrington rumors, and Monta moving to the point.


Some thoughts after the jump...


Fire Mullin?

In terms of basketball and putting a winning team out there, it's debatable whether or not I'd keep him. I'd probably get rid of him. But he's really taking this entertainment business to the extreme. Even in the offseason he keeps Warrior fans on edge. Last year was the KG sweepstakes and this year we've got all sorts of drama. Taking out all basketball decisions, Mullin gets an A+ for keeping Warrior fans on the edge of their seats in what was thought to be a boring offseason. Entertainment at its best! Okay back to reality...


Karma is a ...!

All I gotta say is that what goes around, comes around. First, Mullin tells everyone that he is NOT trading Jason Richardson. Yay, we keep the playoff core together. Ooops. By the end of June, JRich was gone. People start to forget about it (though Atma likes to remind us all the time). So what happens next?

Baron tells everyone that he's not opting out and that he wants to be a Golden State Warrior. Oops. Nearly a year after Mullin told his lie, Baron pulls a Mullin - tells the media one thing and then does the exact opposite.

Oh but Baron got his too with Elton Brand leaving him high and dry. "Baron come to LA and we'll team up and take the West". Oops. After the Clips did everything Brand asked for he bolts for a little more money and a chance to play in the East.

All I can say is, what goes around, comes around. Elton look out. If everything works out as it seems to be, Iggy will be leaving that team for the Clippers.


Free Agency

Now to the recent signings, both of which I hate.

1) Corey Maggette: 5 years, $50 million

He's a very nice scorer and can get to the line better than any of the current Warriors. He'll fit in offensively, but he plays, at best, average defense. His body looks strong enough to grab more rebounds than he actually does. He better pick up that rebounding average to play on this team. I really like the signing at 6 or 7 million per season, but at $10 million per? I'll pass. Let him go back to the Clips or sign with a contender for the mid-level.

Oh and did I mention he's injury prone? He's never played a full season. The most games he's played was 77 and that was his rookie year in Orlando. So let me get this straight, Mullin doesn't want to extend Baron for 5 years because he's injury prone, but will sign Maggette for 5 years at $3 million less per year than Baron?

Let's not forget how Baron CARRIES this team. That's certainly worth $3 million more per year. Without a playmaker, I'm afraid of what will happen.


2) Ronny Turiaf: 4 years, $16 million

Way to sign someone who doesn't fit. Yay. Hopefully the Lakers match. I really want a backup center who can't play at the same time as Biedrins or Wright. None of those guys has the offensive game to complement the other.

If the Warriors were going to lock up money in a restricted free agent, there's some high energy guy in Houston I would have liked, Carl Landry.


3) Baron Davis leaves for 5 years, $65 million

Like I said in the Maggette portion, Baron is worth $13 per year for 5 years if Maggette is worth $10 per year for 5 years. If we're just going to throw money around, let's at least throw it at a star. So from my rudimentary mathematical skills, here's what I get. Maggette + Turiaf for 4 years on average will be $14 million per year and then an extra Maggette year at $10 million more. I know the Maggette number will not start at $10 and will increase each year, but whatever it's close enough for comparisons sake. Baron Davis for 5 years will cost $13 million per year. Mullin and co are telling me that Maggette and Turiaf are worth more than Baron? Hell no. I'm sorry that doesn't fly with me. If you were to offer me Baron Davis and $1 million for Maggette and Turiaf in a trade, I would jumping for joy.


So unless, these are stepping stones to a future bigger move, I'm not looking forward to this season. We just added a bunch of salary and we're in worse shape than we were last season. Unless Mullin has a grand scheme that we're not all privy to, color me skeptical and a disappointed Warrior fan.

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