OPINION: BD Did The Right Thing / FACTual OPINION: Monta WANTS OUT

The Video

It took me a few days to come to terms with all of this, but this video right here allowed me to understand why Baron did the right thing and I'm still proud to call him my favorite player in the NBA:

BD Returns Home

My favorite part! - "You cheatin' on me?!?!"

This reminded me of why I love this guy so much.  Let's be real, GSOM wasn't GSOM until BD stepped into Oakland, and it won't be the same now that he's gone.  No hatin' intended, but it's just not a coincidence.

My Revelation

There's always talk about who is a real fan and who isn't.  When I lived in So Cal, I sported an Antawn jersey while the Lakers were in the midst of their three-peat on my college campus.  I got heckled, people laughed, people argued, but I just had to stay true to my team.  I consider that the sign of a real fan.  When the sixers took a 1-0 lead in the series against LA, me and my friend broke into the largest lecture hall at my campus in the middle of the night (seats almost 500), climbed up a ladder and chalked in "1-0 Go Philly!" at the top of the huge chalkboard.  The next day, when we went to class there, it was the talk of the day and people kept talking about it and Laker fans were pissed.  LOL.  I consider that a sign of a real fan.  Everyone has their own interpretation, and no one is right or wrong. 

SO WHAT'S MY POINT?! Where am I going with this?  My point is, if you're a true W's fan, then you gotta be a BD fan for the rest of your life.  What this man did for us is beyond the value of a contract.  This man brought bball back to the Bay Area.  This guy was real, honest, an all around great guy and just the funnest PG in the league to watch.  I'm not gonna get into the whole "he really wanted to stay in the BAY argument", because I'm sure you've all seen the contract Karma video by the studs at FTB which proves he did want to stay.

Half of me is absolutely heartbroken that he left and cannot stand seeing him in another jersey now.  But half of me is still in love with the guy who brought the magic back to the YAY.  This guy was a Clippers fan when he was a kid.. sure he idolized Magic b/c he's also a PG, but he loved his team despite the bad record, despite the fact that they were and always will be in the shadows of the Lakers, and therefore we should all cheer for BD and treat the Clipps as our 2nd team. (That's just my personal opinion.)

The Clipps were my 2nd team while I was in LA, because they were always ignored and treated like crap and I sorta felt sorry for them because it reminded me of the W's back home.  The Clippers are another Warriors...they're Baron's Warriors from when he was a kid.  THINK ABOUT IT.  If you were a famous star player on the Clipps, and at age 29, had a chance to come play for the W's at the Oracle wouldn't you wanna finish that way?!

Conspiracy Theory?

Honestly, looking back at it, I gotta say I think maybe Nellie and  Mullie knew it was the right thing to do, to not even offer BD anything when they knew the Clipps would want this guy as their new franchise player where he'd be happy and where we could save money for the future.

Brace yourself!

OH AND ONE MORE THING! While a few people here are ready to call Monta the new franchise player, let's be real, this is not his team! In fact, MONTA DOESN'T EVEN WANAN BE HERE!!!! According to the Miami Herald,  Monta said he would love to be traded to the Heat if the W's traded him.  I'm not saying that Monta is shady or that I don't love the guy, I'm just saying that you gotta understand that this is a business guys.

Couple more vids:

BD LAC Press Conf

Fav part: "HELLO".  You'll notice he makes a funny reference to Jim Hill, a famous LA sportscaster who BD knows, which leads into the next vid:

BD Jim Hill Interview

You'll see here that BD comes clean about the Brand situation.  I knew he wouldn't be that shady to deal under the table with Brand, and the fact that he supports Brand leaving which basically means he won't make the playoffs in LA is another testament to the class of Baron Davis.

Thank you again B, for all that you did for us.

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