OK it happened. . . . .moving on

Ya, admit it guys we all had a man crush on Baron Davis. I bet all of you guys had memories of the Kirilenko dunk or the half court shot againt Dallas....hell maybe even the Boston game or the bank over Houston run through you head as you tried to grasp the feeling of Baron being gone next year. So, he's gone, but not to be forgotten. How can some of ur sit here and talk crap about Baron when provided us with so many great memories the past 3 years. Guys its time to sack up and pay Baron his respect!

Moving on.................

As a fan of not just the Warriors, but the NBA in general I am excited to see Baron on the Clips. I hope they start a LA rivalry with the Lakers and knock them out of next years playoffs. That would be pretty exciting! You guys all know you would be rooting for the Clips in that series.

Pertaing to the Dubs..................

The true leader of the Dubs is Captain Jack. It makes me sick to hear rumors of trading Jack to get rid of the chump change he is making (comparitevly speaking) for some garbage players.

We started 0-6 without this guy, hell half way through the season some of us would have given him the MVP award, and with a half way descent arguement to back it up. Think the 3 in LA, the 3 against the Wiz. The 7 3's against Dallas..........

Basically what Im saying is we still got the leadership of Jackson, we should have the skill and youth of Ellis an Beidrins, the ceilingless talents of B Wright and Anthony Randolph, role players that fulfill our needssuch as Hendrix, possibly Buike, Pietrus, and other FA's we decide to pick up and we have a Hall of Fame coach.

What does all that mean? Well it means our team is gonna be damn exciting to watch next year, and a definate sleeper in the West (a role we seem to play very well.) Ya we might not make the PO's next year, i personally think we wiil, but would not be shocked if we didnt, but we have also set ourselves up to be a successful franchise for years to come.

We have some of if not the best young talent in the league, a great fanbase, and the possibilty of being able to sign superstar players in the future to fit in with the core of young talent that we have. The W's front office is finally doing it right, not overspending on replacable players ( not saying Baron is replaceable), but making smart financial descisions, unlike Foyle, Fisher, Dunleavy, Murphy, thank god we are where we are all things considered. We are looking at a potentially limitless team, with a great veteran leader and a hall of fame coach in the great Western Conference. Next year is going to be very fun!

You guys know that Mully and Nellie both know there is no way we win the title next year, and have shown that by saying that they are committed to playing their youth. We could be major players in 2010 if we play our cards right, and we can also probably get a descent point guard in next years draft as well.

Cant wait to see Ellis at full time point, He definately stepped up his play this year and showed he is capable of making smart descisions with the ball.

Bold prediction Ellis 5 triple doubles this year

In a nutshell, next year will be exciting, get over Baron and give the man the respect he deserves, and thank god weve finally started making smart financial moves for our future!

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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